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So, do you ever feel like you need to just walk away from here for a while? I'm starting to think I might need to do that for a few days. This is a great community. But I think everyone feels it sometimes. Just a few too many threads that rub you the wrong way, all coming at once. It can make a mama feel like dirt. I'd add a poll in here but I don't know how. ~Daednu
Quote: Originally Posted by loveharps I see those people around all the time! People whos mummys/daddys have paid for them to go to a salon to get dreads so they can look like they are rebeling :LOL This is silly. Snobbery within the dread community sucks. My mummy and daddy haven't paid for my hair in many, many years. I went to a salon and had my dreads done because that was my personal path of choice. I didn't want to smell, I didn't want...
Quote: Originally Posted by mountain Shouldn't we consider WHY we think it's ''comfortable''? Because it's more comfortable to fit in with what other people are doing than think for ourselves, sometimes. You're reading too much into the word comfortable. I'd say everyone means comfortable in terms of physical comfort. Like not catching long freaking hairs when trying to insert a Keeper during your period. Whatever floats your boat, I say....
Hey, anyone see that dog run by? I swear he had fluff in his mouth. Looked like a Mutt too! :LOL ~Daednu
Quote: Originally Posted by Sheena I'm a feminist, I'll support all of you no matter how you decide to keep your pubes. : ROFL at the icon ~Daednu
Quote: Originally Posted by Basylica I love fireflies almost as much as elbees, except for the OV love. Man, if they made FFs in OV in those colors??? I'd be SOOOOO broke. haha.... I wish I had more, but everytime I have money (like now) they dont' have any colors I love. Pbththt. I've only got 2 reg FFs, a clown and a orange/black "harvest" I need LOTS! I need a creamcicle, but I think the ship sailed on that one, dk green,...
One word - Firefly. ~Daednu
If that was Lily's size I'd snap it up in an INSTANT. I love Lulu prints. ~Daednu
Well, I did get dreads in a day. www.hairpolice.com I loved my dreads. But I shaved them off recently as the weight was too much. If/when I go for dreads again I will for sure go with Hairpolice. I can't deal with the filthy hair phase of "natural" dreading. ~Daednu
I object to the dancing broccoli. And carrot. And banana. I mean, just look at those little dirties dancing! Sexual innuendo? I think so. ~Daednu
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