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It is Hanna Andersson. If you are interested, let me know, I have a 20% off coupon code I'm not going to use and they rarely give those out. :)
It was nice enough to get out the baby pool this weekend! He was a fan and big sister couldn't help but jump in with him.   
I have always very firmly said, "No biting!" and put him on the floor next to me. He is NOT a fan, and rarely bites me. It sadly does not work on the "No obsessively squeezing large handfuls of mommy's boobs while you nurse!" I have large circular patches of bruises above each nipple. I will say I think it's damaged some nerves or something because it no longer hurts. So that's... something. 
It's official. Fin is now putting away more food than his almost 11 year old half sister.    Yesterday's breakfast was a piece of peanut butter toast, an egg and a half, and an entire banana. This was an hour after nursing, then when he was done, he asked to nurse again 30 minutes later. Dinner was about 6 ounces of tilapia, squash, and an apple. WHERE IS IT ALL GOING?
FIn is 9 months on the 26th, 28 inches I think, and just hit 18 pounds. He  He is army crawling but much more interested in being up walking around holding on to things. He is cruising between furniture pretty well now and getting into EVERYTHING.    His weight definitely stalled right at 6 months. We actually changed doctors over this- his doctor wanted me to put him on formula because he pretty dramatically dropped percentages.  I really wasn't concerned, and neither...
Ugh terrible night here. So tired. I should know never to post anything about successes we are having. He has a tooth that looks like it has broken the surface just this morning, and went down for his morning nap easily though. So maybe we're through the worst of it... until next week or whatever.
We are getting sleep here! So much sleep! For the past three weeks or so, he's going to bed at 6:45, sleeping until around 4am, when I nurse him, then going back to sleep until 5:40. My husband rocks him until 6 when he gets ready for work, he brings him to me, then we sleep until around 7 when he's up for the day. It's... marvelous. Naps are happening IN HIS CRIB with me putting him in it awake! I nurse him until he's sleepy then I sit by his crib and hum until he falls...
It annoys me to no end that Fin won't feed himself. Okay, I take it back. He will feed himself with utensils, but will not touch food with his fingers. I really wanted some cute baby-spreads-food-in-hair pictures! Oh well... I'll appreciate this when he's 10 months old and feeding himself neatly with a fork and spoon I guess.
Glad I'm not the only one with a baby who finds "gentle" hysterical. Hmph.
I'm pretty sure I could fling one boob over my shoulder and nurse him behind me if I wanted to. :(
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