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I'm pretty sure I could fling one boob over my shoulder and nurse him behind me if I wanted to. :(
Something about pudgy clapping hands.
King sized beds don't help, FYI. Daddy just gets a lot more room to sprawl out. Mommy gets her usual 1/8 inch while baby presses up against her.
Agh rainbownurse! So exciting!   I am officially one day late for my period. But that really means nothing because I am definitely not clockwork. So really I'm not late at all, I'm just assigning myself an arbitrary 26 day cycle and saying that since it's now day 27 and this is longer than I usually go I'm late. No rhyme or reason. 
Okay, I have no idea if this will work but here is Fin army crawling last week for the first time. I definitely cried. I really thought he would walk before he crawled, he has been been pulling up for a long time now, and is taking a few steps while holding on to things. 
Okay, here we go... Happy St Patricks Day!
Well, we threw caution to the wind last night and did not use protection. CD17 which is right around when I normally ovulate. I am incredibly fertile, and tend to get pregnant if he looks at me without protection, but my luteal phases are generally too short to sustain a pregnancy without progesterone supplementation.   So it's in god's hands now. I think this was more of a one off... we're both not REALLY ready to have another one yet... but we're both REALLY open to...
Sleep is slooooooowly getting more tolerable at our house! I have put a greater effort into getting him to nap less during the day. The last time I tried to do this, it resulted in horrible night time sleep. This time, it's working out pretty well. He did a 7 hour sleep stretch Friday night, and my husband woke me up by saying, "I think something is wrong with Fin!" Nope, just SLEEPING.    He is also enjoying sleeping in our bed, which is something we both wanted from...
My periods are regular again, and oh man, the baby fever has hit both my husband and I. Not to MENTION my 10 year old stepdaughter who did not want siblings EVER. Now every other word is, "when do we get to have another baby?"
But I just can't stop.  
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