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Today, I completed 40 weeks of pregnancy.    I feel like renting an airplane to write it across the sky. Buying myself a gold medal, and wearing it forever. Writing a paper about it, and then giving myself a gold star and an A plus. Building a shrine to it. Designing a building in honor of it, and then living in that building forever.   I may be incredibly miserable physically, but if I could, I would be jumping for joy every second.  I DID IT.
Due date: July 24th.  I will be induced next week on the 25th. I have gestational diabetes, and apparently it's a small miracle my doctor is letting me go this long.  Monday I was 1.5 cm, 50% effaced, and -2 station. Not letting him check me this week. 
I haven't gained an ounce in about 9 weeks- since being diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I am diet controlled, and I had gained about 25 pounds previously- so all in all, I'm very happy with the total gain, and my doctor doesn't seem concerned that I haven't gained in so long. My face and arms/legs are definitely thinner, so the baby is just sucking weight from other parts of me. I had plenty to share though. :)
I am working up until the baby comes. I was, however, put on modified bed rest about three weeks ago, so I'll be working from home until then. I planned this pregnancy around my least busy time at work, so there won't be a lot waiting for me when I go back (taking 12 weeks leave). I have the most flexible boss ever, and she had no problem with me working from home (HR could have forced me to go on leave three weeks ago, thankfully, they did not).    I honestly don't...
Had my third chiropractor appointment today. Last night he ALMOST went head down, but didn't quite make it before flipping himself back up. We definitely found out why today! I was SO TIGHT at the place where he got stuck. So after a lot of work (ouch!) to loosen everything, she kind of... nudged him along until I felt (again, ouch!) his butt pass behind my right ribs, and his head go through my left pelvis.    So now MAYBE he is head down? I don't really know how to...
I asked another OB at the practice about seeing the chiropractor and he was all for it! I went today and feel AMAZING! I feel SO much looser, everywhere, so hopefully he will turn head down for me soon! 
Thanks so much, ladies. You're only confirming my gut feeling about the whole thing.
So question for you ladies...   I went to my weekly ob/gyn appointment/bio physical profile for the baby having an SUA, and my fluid levels were on the low end of normal. He did not give me a number. I mentioned to him in passing that I had an appointment with a chiropractor to start working on turning him out of the breech position he's been in most of pregnancy. He stated that he did not want me going to a chiropractor when the fluid was low.    I've never been...
I do a lot of almonds, cottage cheese, and Greek yogurt for protein. I've never been a big meat eater, and it has sounded gross this whole pregnancy.   Milk is my toughest carb to resist. I love milk and drink so much of it. Thankfully, I work out of the home, so I can just not bring any with me. Makes for a sad me at lunch time, but better than having too much of it.
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