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Has anyone ever had this? The tech was not able to get a great look at the cord today, but she thinks MAYBE it has two vessels instead of three. We go back in 4 weeks to get a better look. I'm not super concerned, as everything else looked perfect (and it's a boy!), but I can't help but worry a little. I'm hoping in a month we'll find out everything is normal!
It was totally right on for me too, Wrenmoon. :) 
I lost two pregnancies to low progesterone. My levels were always low, and I was put on the pills for both pregnancies. Didn't up my levels at ALL.   This pregnancy, I was put on the suppository, and my numbers were great. I am now 16 weeks pregnant. I was taken off the progesterone at 12 weeks 6 days, and have been doing fine.
I will second the ramen. And I am so, so ashamed. 
Been there, done that... and feeling that. I don't, however, think it means we'll be bad parents at all. I just know that once we're holding our babies in our arms, we're going to feel as much love for that one baby as we would have felt for the three babies we've lost AND our living baby. And that's a LOT of love!   Like Eilis said, every morning between the time my husband gets up, and when I have to get up, I spend 10-15 minutes with my hands on my stomach,...
I am 12 weeks pregnant from ovulation occuring on CD12.
I know this is months old, but it's brought up so many fond memories for me of my own childhood- I wanted a cat SO BADLY. I would pretend to be one for YEARS... my mom even went so far as to buy a litter box for me to pretend with- not filled with anything, obviously. I did this up until I was 9 or so... when I FINALLY GOT MY CAT!!! :) It was a great day.    My stepdaughter, who is now 9.5, pretended she was a dog named Sprint for many years as well. It tapered off,...
I had one in the beginning of the pregnancy, as I was due for one anyway. I've been having them every 3 months for about 18 months now, as I had CIN-3 cervical changes, and a LEEP August of 2011. The last three have been normal, which is such a huge relief. My ob/gyn did tell me I wouldn't have to have anymore for the rest of the pregnancy, as if something changed, he wouldn't treat it until after the baby was born anyway. So I'm enjoying keeping my privates private for...
5 minutes for both prenatal care and hospital- they are housed in the same building. 7 minutes in super heavy traffic. :)   I intend on laboring at home until the last. possible. second. because of this.
We had planned to wait until Christmas, when I would be 10 weeks.   We told at about 3 weeks 6 days. Even on facebook! I decided this time, people were going to celebrate the heck out of my pregnancy for as long as it was possible.   So don't feel bad! :) Glad it went well for you.
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