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I sit here writing this in tears. I a so sad. I feel alone in the world with no one to talk to. My son is being ignored by my husband and I know that this is killing him. What can I do? My son is constantly disapointing hy husband he has no mercy. He is a child and yes, he lies,cheats and tries to get away with certain things but isn't that most kids? My son is a good kid. I fear that my husband is killing him inside and I am unsure what to do. Last week my son did...
I would leave the baby and dance the night away. I am sure that once you get there that you will have a great time. You still need to have some time for yourself.
Please hang in there I know the feeling that you want to help but no one listens to you. My sister is the same way and there is nothing I could do about it. So God bless you for trying.
It really annoys me how some parents think that buying thier children all the recent video games and systems and that is all they do all day long. My nephew does not play outside just on that video game all day long and at the same time he is failing school each and every year because no one makes him study. That really annoys me
Someone told me once to leave people better that before you met them. So I always try to smile or say something nice because I know what a big difference it makes. I wish people were a little bit more nicer sometimes.
We have a children on a somewhat strict schedule. They get home from school about 2:30 and relax for a couple of minutes eat thier snack. Then at 3-4:30 they do homework. Eat dinner between 4:30-5:30, shower, then tv or play outside if they have time.We usually get in prayer before going to bed which is like 7:30. We so sports so dinner will be bumped up some if they have to got to practice or whatever activity. But they are always in bed by 8:00. We considered a...
My name is Jessica and I am here to meet other moms who share my interests. I am married to the most wonderful man in this world who is my true soulmate. I have three angels age 9,7 and 4. In about 2-3 weeks we will be having our 4th child a boy and we are so excited and very blessed. We are very involved in our Catholic faith and spreading the word of the Lord. I look forward to meeting in friends in this board, thanks and have a great day! Jessica:
New Posts  All Forums: