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Thank you!
Just wondering if there were any homeschool materials that were similar in educational philosophy to the Waldorf method. Thanks!
I joined also! I am never on the boards much, but I really appreciate knowing where to come to find the articles and links I need to refer to my friends. Thanks!
He is just gorgeous! Congrats!
Quote: Originally Posted by TXmidwife Just a note of caution: a mw that I work with had a client that had that very same mindset. She thought that her dh would just forget about having the baby circ'ed once they had a hb. Well, a couple of days after the birth, he told her that he wanted to take the baby and show him off and let her rest for a little bit. Instead, he took the baby to a ped to have him circ'ed. The baby hemorrhaged and bled to death. What...
I am too! LOL!
CONGRATULATIONS! I have to agree -- why mess with perfection?
Hey! I'm glad you're back! I'm not on all that often, but I admire your dedication to educating others! My ds is intact, but I have not been successful in changing anyone's minds about circumcision (besides, of course, my husband!). It is so frustrating that people just will not listen to reason. Best wishes to you!
We *never* used CIO on our babies. There are a lot of good tips in this thread! I just want to say that it drives me crazy that people in general have this expectation that ALL babies are supposed to sleep 12 hours straight each night. It drives me bonkers when the first thing out of a stranger's mouth is: "are they sleeping through the night?". Grrr. It's really tough for some people not to have those expectations when there is not enough NON-CIO information out...
Congratulations! A good website with nutritional info (whether you are having 1 baby or 3 ) is www.blueribbonbaby.org. If you find that you are expecting multiples, I found the book "When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads" by Barbara Luke to be very informative. Best wishes to you!
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