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Hi ladies,   I wanted to see what foods you were planning on eating/drinking during labor.   I was thinking of:   Drinking: - Water - Coconut Milk   Eating: - Watermelon, Melon - Applesauce   I am a FTM so I would love to hear what worked for you!    
Hi ladies! Glad to hear I am not alone! My midwife said it is normal and to try and take a hot bath to relax to joints before bed. Luckily I only had one bad night! Thankfully! I was fearful it was going to be an everyday thing!   4 more weeks to go for me! Hope they are good ones!
 I am 35 weeks along and have had terrible joint pain tonight. To the point where it woke me up and I have not been able to get back to sleep dispute the Epsom salt bath and back rub my husband gave me at 3:45 am.   I finally took 500 mg of Tylenol, to see if I can finally get some rest tonight.   Anyone else experience this kind of pain?
I am also planning for the option of a waterbirth. My hospital recommends people bring the following:   Floaties - Kids Size (to help you position yourself in the tub) Fish Net (in case you have a bm to help scoop it out) Swim Shorts for your husband or partner
Please share pain mangement techniques you used and found effective during labor...
Thanks for letting me know about the move. I will repost!
Hi ladies,   I have not worked out at all throughout my pregnancy (I really never work out), I was planning on working out but between daily nausea and fatigue found it very difficult. Now at almost 30 weeks I am feeling better and also feeling the pressure of my impending birth!   Any tips or workouts that I can do that you found to be helpful. I was thinking of starting with just walking every night...maybe a mile...   Looking forward to your input!    
Right now I am between choosing a "Confident Childbirth" class and a "Birthing from Within" class. Any input on either or another one that you used and found really helpful (and what it was that helped you about the classes you took.....)   Any other tips, things that you found useful or resources you recommed I am all ears!     Thank you!!!!
Quote: Meesh933   I agree with you on waiting until we meet the baby....I kinda wanna see his little face before we make it 100% official....plus it keeps us from having to hear people's opinions too much :)   So far the only name both my husband and I like it: Alexander Luca for now we refer to our baby boy as "Lele" its kinda a brazilian nick-name (I'm brazilian :)   I find myself very defensive though, I want him to be referred to by either, Alexander, Luca or...
Quote:   Love the name Sora! Love that it plays to your husbands heritage as well! Very neat!
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