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I have started to have belly aches at night, especially when I am turning from side to side. Almost like a cramp in my belly. Definitely frustrating when I am trying to sleep soundly! Anyone else feel achey at night?
I started feeling short of breath around 20 weeks...kinda like I wasn't getting enough oxygen (a very disconcerting feeling when you are pregnant)....it still happens to me now and again, especially if I am under stress or rushed...sometimes after I eat too...   I guess its not gonna get any better! 
After seeing the chiro I slept like a baby last night :) It almost felt like I wasn't even pregnant! Once I reached 24 weeks finding a comfortable spot had been hard...but after getting adjusted I was able to sleep just fine!
Going to the chiropracter tonight to get adjusted...I hope it will help me sleep!
I have been struggling with insomnia on and off throughout my pregnancy. The hardest thing is when I don't sleep well heading into a week day because I get really bad nausea and dizziness....however I still have to work, and it SUCKS to be at work when you are not feeling well :(   I feel like I have been having a little RLS...I def cannot sleep without my eyemask on (to make sure its pitch black), or without my sound machine (as I am a very light sleeper). Last...
I have had a sudden onset of nausea at night...specifically after I have gone to bed. It will even wake me up. I had not had nausea that wouldn't let me sleep since week 8 or 9. Not sure what is causing it either...perhaps baby moving? Don't see a correlation w food consumed for dinner since it was nothing likely to aggravate my stomach. Help! Anyone have this or have any pointers? Thanks!
Can anyone give me the basics on Elimination Communication?
So, we got our first ultrasound done last week and found out we are having a baby boy! We also found out my placenta is anterior, which is why I am not feeling movement yet.   I am a wee bit sad that I am not feeling the baby yet (currently almost 19 weeks)...Ironically I did feel the baby once at 14 weeks...but not since then...   Any other mom's out there have anterior placenta.
I am pregnant with my first child (a boy) and we have decided to not circumcise. That being said I am clueless as to the care involved and the do's and don'ts. I would be immensely appreciate if the experienced ones out there could break it down for me from birth & beyond. Also if you could point me to some good resources for intact care that would be wonderful! Thank you!
I know this is a touchy subject, but I was wondering if there were any mom's out there who did not circumcise their boys and regretted it.   My husband and I are leaning toward not circ, but my brother had to be circed at age 12 because of continual infections. My understanding is that infections in uncirc boys are not supposed to be the norm....   Anyways, just wanted to see your thoughts...
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