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Hi KaliShanti,   Can I ask what you wish you had known about circ?   We are leaning towards not circ....especially after my husband watched a video on youtube showing the procedure :(    
I am 17 weeks, and yesterday my naval started to hurt. I thought it had gone away, but I just pressed on my naval and it hurts worse!   Any one else having this problem? Or more importantly, is there anything I can do to help???
REGARDING BREAST MILK vs FORUMLA:   If you are interested please read this really interesting article on an alternative for commercial formula:   http://westonaprice.org/action-alerts/134-2011-action-alerts/2214-baby-formula-video-by-sarah-pope   This is the nutritional organization that I most trust and they have a very sound scientific (without a political or commercial agenda) background to their principals.   This video and the text below has lots of...
Hi Ladies,   Thank you for all the great responses to the "Advice for 1st time moms," someone suggested a thread with advice for Breastfeeding...so bring it on!   - Tips, tricks you would like to share - Books, Resources that were helpful - Things you wish you knew beforehand - Tools: What is really needed to breastfeed - Any other bits you think would be helpful!   Can't wait!  
I just received my Bravado Bliss Bras (ordered from Target) and they are like butter….I feel like a new woman! They are very comfortable and keep my girls surprisingly perky, even at a 34F size (and no underwire!)….Best is they don’t even look like a nursing bra!
Willsmom,   Great tip on following your instincts, I already had one run-in with that as I was researching doulas early on....VERY early on and came across one that would take 1 week to call me back etc...I am glad I followed my gut and sought out another option and now am meeting with a wonderfully responsive group of ladies in a couple weeks.   I think when you are pregnant and a mom you have to keep your eye wide open to yellow and red flags!   Regarding...
AKind1,   Great tips, I am planning on BF & baby wearing so hopefully that will help.   Honestly my in laws are the ones putting MAJOR pressure on us to let them share the news. If it were up to me I would wait to tell extended family and our larger group of friends until I was showing.   We shall see....
AnnieA,   That is a good suggestion, as I am not showing much. Did you wish you had waited until 20 weeks to tell everyone including friends and extended family?   I figure once I tell close friends and extended family it will spread pretty quickly (especially since we are some of the 1st of our friends to get pregnant)
I am coming up on the end of my 1st trimester and am kinda dreading making the news public.   My husband and I are estatic to be expecting our first baby, but I am a very private person and I am dreading all the questions, advice...people staring at my belly trying to see if there is a bump etc.   I am also having a lot of anxiety thinking about what will happen once the baby is born. My husband has a massive extended family and I can see them all wanting to see...
Oooooo, when did you find those? I just looked them up on the target site and they are $49 :( I want to find your $27 ones!    
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