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I have been brewing my Kombucha on a Continuous Brew for several months. I typically draw out the brewed Kombucha every 14 - 18 days, and then let it sit bottled on the counter for 3-5 days.   I have tried adding flavoring (organic grape juice, slices of raw ginger etc) to the 2nd fermentation but still no fizz!   I use e-z cap bottles (that I bought at a beer supply store).   I have made Kombucha with Black Tea, and other times with Green Tea.   I use a...
   Does anyone know of the benefits of Gelatin vs Vegetarian capsules?   I am wanting to make my own supplements but was not sure which type of empty capsule I should buy.     Thanks for the input!  
Hi Ladies, I was wondering what you do to improve your energy level (foods you eat, supplements you take etc). Thanks!
I warm it up, put the broth in a mug with Sea Salt and squeeze in the juice of half a lime. Some days it tastes better to me than others...honestly some days for whatever reason it grosses me out . I like to drink it because its a power food. As a side note, I found I like chicken broth better than turkey broth (I haven't made beef broth yet so I'm not sure on that one).
Quote: Originally Posted by bluebirdmama1 What is the price? I just ordered some from azurestandard.com last week for $33.75! By far the CHEAPEST of any other place I looked at ordering from.
Hi Ladies, The only thing I have tried are the Radiant Life Capsules and The Blue Ice Fermented CLO - Cinnamon Tingle flavor. The Blue Ice CLO comes with a syringe so I just shoot it into the back corner of my mouth and keep my head tilted back while I swallow, and then drink milk right after. I find this keeps me from tasting it too much. Now I am not sure I would want to take it with a spoon (because it would coat my mouth too much!). I am thinking of ordering the...
Hi Ladies, I just got off BC last week and have been taking Royal Maca Root for about 2 weeks now. I know that before I was on BC I had very frequent cycles (3 every 2 months) and very bad cramping. I am hoping the Maca can regulate my cycles and return the libido I lost while on BC. I will let you all know how my next cycle goes.
Hi Ladies, I am 24 yrs old newly married, preparing to TTC in the next year. I am just now getting into WAPF and love all I am learning. I wanted to know if any mom's out there have other stories to share about their experiences with pregnancy & labor while eating a traditional diet vs the standard american diet. I would love to hear any tips you have for me! I just got off BC a week ago for good and am taking Organic Royal Maca every morning to hopefully...
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