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I noticed my child (4 years old )counting 1,2,3,4,5,6,etc  at the gas station the other day --while the pump was making noises as I was filling the tank-I also do this --I catch myself as I count and can stop .I do not count other things though- I have not noticed my other kids doing it but do have an older son with some OCD tendancies.HHMM
Thanks Kathy for your reply-- I hs"d her for K and grade 1 but did most all unschooling which felt right at the time --then because of working more and new baby and unsupportive dh we put her in grade 1 (she was small for her age and a tad behind where I thought she should be for Grade 2 ).   I am spending more time with her and trying to listen to her concerns /needs .   We will see what transpires.
He says I am not qualified #1 and kids should be with other kids #2- I laughed out loud !! I am an LPN -we have a computer-at home -library is close by -she likes to read and create things -writes ,etc. She is smart and pretty self directed--If I had some kind of happy medium school here --but no-- here it is public schooling or private /religious only.   Maybe I could find a way to get her involved in some kind of extra activity -have her go to school one...
You could do dry soup mixes that all they do is add broth --(which you could do in batches and freeze and give as well)--good idea!!
My older 2 boys are now 22 and 19 and both were vaxed according to that schedule used then -less thank God -- Both have had many ear infections ,natural chicken pox and roseola- my 22 yo hadvaxes till age 11- many antibiotics for ear infections then quit drinking milk and they got better -he has had the most vaxes and the most illnesses -- my 19 yo had vaxes till age 6 or so then no more -had some antibiotics for strep throat and an ear infection - my 11 yo had a...
We made a list of pros and cons --funny that some of them could be either one !! (more time with little brother!) My husband is not supportive though and we have a lot on our plates but at least the discussions have been good! We will see what she thinks after the semester is done.
Hope your husband gets in tune with you --speaking from 25 years of experience --IT IS A MUST FOR YOUR SANITY!! I still am in "charge " of paying all bills -his and mine (he has his own business and checking account) If he tells me he is bringing home so much and then I say ok that means we need $ amt for next months bills then am off -I HEAR IT!   Good advice here ---thank God you do not have credit card bills to pay .
She was put into 1 st grade and has excelled through the 5th presently-but would like to be home more --( I am home 3 days a week and work every weekend).I am considering letting her finish the semester and pulling her out for the spring semester. Then possibly just doing 1 semester of school for 6th grade next year -see how it goes etc. Anyone do this for a year or 2 ? How did it go-it seems like so much review every year -would like to spend more time with her...
My youngest is almost 4 and is unvaxed -had chicken pox -did ok -occ coughing /colds that last 3-4 days --about 1 a year .Did have a bad upper respiratory cough /mucus /yuck (so diod I ) for over 2  1/2 weeks -got antibiotics for us both .Only time for antibiotics!!    
Oh my -how sad---
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