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My dd is in 4th grade and her school did the same exact process (including the InView). We were able to see the results of the inview within a month. Now, they did not send home the results with our child but we could meet with the counselor to see them. They didn't want children opening them and comparing on the bus. Be prepared-the results are a bit confusing to interpret. Our school district is dropping InView for something else this year. They also used end of...
We love our pig. Unlike gerbils or hamsters, they love attention and handling. They are funny little animals. Over time you'll start noticing that they have their own little language. We can tell when she is hungry, lonely, feeling playful or just anxious. She is a really fun, easy to take care of pet. They are messy and a bit smelly. And she can be down right loud sometimes especially when the refrig. door is opened. You should give her timothy hay, fresh veggies (we...
It is supposed to work really well but there is a very particular time in early spring when it should be applied.
Don't post a lot but I work at a organic gardening store and we sell a product called Burn out. It sounds more toxic than it is. It is composed of a mixture of clove and some other essential oils. It works really well and smells wonderful.
We let me dd pierce her ears for her last birthday (eight also). I honestly told her she could because I thought that she would be too scared to go through with it. Well she did it (so much for my bluff). It has been absolutely fine. I did clean them for her with the solution daily for a while so I could make sure they healed properly. And we are strict about what types of earrings she now chooses (nothing too dangling, heavy, or big). She is very proud of them.
Thanks everyone. I guess I tend to be nonconfrontational to a fault. I probably should have put my foot down long before this but I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. They have a lot of people working with the family (psychologists, social workers) so hopefully the girls are getting the help that they so desperately need. So what should I say to my dd (my son won't care)? My kids play outside constantly. Should I actually tell her that they shouldn't be playing...
We have had issues with our neighbors and their children for a few years. My nine year old dd plays with the two girls and I have had it with them all. I know that it sounds horrible but there have been more incidences than I can post and I just don't want my kids playing with them any longer. They are allowed exposure to media that I would never let my kids see and I am pretty darn liberal (games for Mature audiences only) and then they give my kids very detailed...
We do ours fairly regularly with child sized nail clippers. They grow very quickly. We have never given her a bath though. Should we be bathing her regularly?
I know that this is OT, mommarific but I grew up in White Meadow Lake. I haven't been back in about 15 years though-I heard that it looks very different.
My dd is turning 8 in two weeks and here is her list-HTH Good quality color pencils and a sketchbook several books (book of world records, next Ivy and Bean included) book for collecting stickers Volleyball net for the backyard Hannah Montana doll a couple of new CDs IPOd (she is so not getting this)
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