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Hi, I purchased a used Hypnobabies book/cds but it didn't come with the quick reference guide or any of the other materials. I am learning that I really do need the quick reference and the Hypnobabies company won't sell me one separately. :(  Does anyone know where I might be able to find one? I certainly don't have to want to purchase the whole set again just to get that guide.    Thanks! Maggie
Does anyone know of a good source for used materials for Hypnobabies?  There isn't much on eBay and considering all the other financial things associated with a birth I'm having a hard time justifying the expense of a new copy of the home study course. Especially since I'm going to use it once and then pass it on.  Thanks!
My son will be three next week.For over a year he has had a bad habit of hitting particularly me when he is frustrated or mad. Now it has escalated to pinching and trying to bite. I've tried several different tactics, walking away, holding his arms away from me, talking to him about it (hitting hurts, we don't hit each other, giving words to his feelings), we've threatened taking things away (which I don't really like but until I read Unconditional Parenting I didn't...
I got a bunch of prenatal yoga and pilates dvds from my local library and I am hoping to jump into those (the extreme fatigue I have been having has pretty much prevented me from doing anything recently). I also have an elliptical at home so I am hoping to hop onto that a few times a week. I know that it's good to exercise during pregnancy but in all honestly mostly I just want to avoid the gestational diabetes I had with my first pregnancy and I know exercise can help.
I've been considering hypnobabies. It's kind of spendy (even the homestudy) but I just did standard birthing class with my first one and it was NOT helpful. 
Just had my first appointment yesterday at 8w 3d.  Saw my little bean and a little heartbeat. WOOHOO!
I don't know if this would help but we started mixing half and half whole wheat pasta and regular. Nobody particularly loves the taste of the whole wheat but mixed takes the edge off and at least you're getting some of the benefit. It might be a place to start. 
Oh me too!  I truly hope this isn't one of those whole pregnancy being queasy things. I really wanted to try to enjoy this pregnancy more than my last and I am NOT off to a good start here. 
I'm at 8 weeks now and have been having all day nausea for the last couple of weeks. Very tired of it. Not vomiting just enough nausea to interrupt my daily flow. That paired with the fatigue (also caused by getting a nasty cold a couple of weeks ago), the food aversions, and the crankiness, I've been a barrel full of laughs lately. In just the last few days I've actually been having good days and bad days. Considering a for a while they were just bad days I'm grateful...
I feel the same way!  My little guy is going to be 3 in March so he'll be about 3 1/2  when the new baby arrives. He is pretty high needs/spirited and right now the biggest concerns are getting him potty trained, finish weaning him, and transitioning him to his own bed. The first two are in (very slow) progress but the third is going to be a challenge. I just wouldn't feel safe cosleeping with a newborn and a wiggly toddler. He is also VERY mama needy right now which...
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