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I opened the fridge and got a whiff of chicken and almost lost it. blah! Definitely having a hard time finding the right balance of food in my stomach, too much is painful and not enough is nauseating. I have laid down the law with my dh, he is not allowed to eat the last of anything and if it's some thing I like and am able to eat right now, he totally can't touch it! 
Lovely bellies! I am 7 wks and 5 days, still feeling just bloaty.
Oh glad to find this thread! I practice Baptiste power vinyasa and have been practicing 1 1/2hrs 5-6days a wk. I love it and don't want to give it up or slow down yet because it still feels good for me. While it does still feel good I want to continue as long as I can.  My concerns are all the twists, back bends, chutarangas (low push-up) and asanas lying stomach down. I know that as I get bigger modifications will be necessary, I guess I am concerned about when I should...
Hi, I am Catherine. Expecing #3 on the 22nd.(although I wet to 41 and 42 wks with other pgs so prbably should wait for Oct Due Date Club!) I have 2 girls, 4.5 and 2. I would love a boy but my gut says girl... :)
It's probably just the teeting, if things are getting back to normal i wouldn't worry about it. 4mos is prime time for 1st teeth to start coming in, and that can really mess with the poor little babes :).
I am so sorry about your brother.   I am no expert but i know that my pp bleeding has fluctuated, it'll almost stop then the next day be like a super heavy period.                           
UPDATE>Adele Marie arrived 12days past her edd on January 13 at 4:45 in the morning with no drugs and no tub (had to start pushing while on the way to the tub rm!):joy she was 9 lbs3 oz 20 1/4 in long. she is sweet and easy going can't wait to get to know her more!
i don't remember being hungry at all with my 1st, but i was only in labor for 8hrs or so. If this turns in to a marathon (prob won't) I want to be prepared. I am also 11 days "late" and have had my bag packed since before Christmas. So I am sure I have 5 times what I actually need in there!
Nope, I am still here too! 11 days "late" but having contractions...they'll probably stop soon! ha!
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