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Same neighborhood, yes. Same block, hell no. I need privacy and there are certain things I don't care to see post-breakup.
That sounds really confusing and wouldnt work for my family either. And definitely not my sanity.lol How do you explain that if you are dating? I would think the guy is still seeing his ex and they're keeping the door open. Not something I'd be willing to invest in.
I have been a single mom since DD was an infant. I thoroughly enjoy my "me" time when DD is away and rarely miss her. I know she's safe and its important that she continues to have a strong bond with her dad, so nothing to worry about.
Wow. As a vegetarian, that group sounds lame to me. I am the only vegetarian in my circle, though I did have one guy friend who was as well for about 5 years. I have dated about 6 vegetarians  and have found that at least half the guys I meet do not eat pork or red meat. It's not something I ask about, but usually discover on a first date.   My daughter is 3.5 and is proud to be a vegeterian and is not at all tempted to eat meat.
Have a date tomorrow with a good guy I have been on and off with for 2.5 years. Good marriage material for someone else, but not might type physically. The sex is good though, so we'll have dinner and then go to his place afterwards.
KBlackstone444, thanks for sharing you're story! Very inspiring!   I just wanted to share that my cousin has three kids with three different men and she met a man a few months ago who seems to be the perfect complement to her. I was in the wedding of one of my single mom friends last year. She's 34 and TTC now with her husband. She was divorced for several years.
My ex lives about 10 mins away, maybe 2 miles. We split drop off/pickup. I would be irritated if this changed as we're all spoiled with this situation.
I am 30 soon with a 3.5yo DD and would like one more. I'm single and not ready to grieve never having another child. I would have to be happily married though.
I reluctantly went on a date earlier today with a guy I'm not physically attracted to. We dated previously, during Winter, but he was bigger than I realized. He also is very pushy about wanting to be exclusive, from day one. He works in sales and makes very good money and I think he just has a hard time accepting "no". Nice guy, but not for me. He caught me at a good time today but I don't intend to see him again.   I dated a younger guy recently and I think I'm...
  Np, I'm just relieved that you werent offended as it wasnt my intention. Happy New Years!
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