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I would strongly suggest you ask the mods to move this thread to the California tribe area, unless you want to engage in a debate of pros vs. cons of pox parties.  :)
  And we wonder why there are so many bullies in schools these days.  When parents act like that, it shouldn't be surprising.
If I had one, I would never share, because I wouldn't want any Trolls bringing their hate their too.
Since he has eczema, have you considered food intolerances like dairy/soy and/or gluten sensitivities?
I send a photo card with a picture of the kids on it, and rarely write a personal note.  I keep in touch with the vast majority of people I send the cards to on Facebook anyway.  But I love getting cards of all kinds from others.
  My point is that presenting yourself as a medical professional and telling someone not to worry about a potentially serious pregnancy complication without any additional information based on a few lines from a textbook is irresponsible.
  Right, pre-e is not HELLP, but HELLP can accompany pre-e.  And that is not correct about preeclampsia and what women "tend" to experience - all cases are different and many are asymptomatic except for elevated blood pressure and proteinuria.  Additionally, the +2 is not diagnostic, as the 24-hour urine sample is preferred over the spot test, since the spot test can vary greatly depending on hydration.   I've had severe preeclampsia twice and never had liver pain.  I...
  This is not true.   Less than 100k is a symptom of HELLP Syndrome.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HELLP   OP, I'm glad you and your midwife are keeping an eye on it.  Getting baseline labs is a great idea.
  That does not change the fact that the CDC recommends flu shots to all over 6 months.  Many doctors offer them as readily as they offer up their business cards.
  That is your opinion.  I think you owe Vince an apology for mocking him about thimerosal, when you had your facts wrong.
New Posts  All Forums: