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I loved hemp for the absorbency but had to stop using them during the day because the stink was so bad!  I think that's just the nature of hemp, but I hope you get some good advice!
Do you live in the US?  If you have insurance, it should cover most of the evaluations if you get a referral from your pediatrician.  Another option is to have her evaluated through your school district.   I've had my 7 year old evaluated through several sources and typically only paid a $25 copay for specialists, and had very thorough testing through his school for free.
  I completely agree.  3 months old is way too young to be eating solid food.  All he needs until past 6 months is breastmilk.
  LOL, where is he from?
  Hurricane Rita, which was just weeks after Katrina.  My parents in North Houston tried to evacuate, but couldn't because there was too much traffic.
My semi-rural hometown in NJ has been told that they will likely have power restored in 7-14 days from today.  So some people might be without power for almost 3 weeks, and a lot of that area uses well water, which poses another risk and major inconvenience.
Congratulations on your baby's homecoming!  Is it possible that you have an overactive letdown?  That can often be the cause of mucousy poops as well.  When my 32 weeker was in the NICU, I pumped so much that I had a crazy letdown.  I had to scale back on how much I pumped to get the letdown under control.
  And that pier had been there for a long time, through other hurricanes.  I walked on it as a kid.  I rode that roller coaster.  I'm 3000 miles away and my heart and thoughts are with everyone in the Northeast, but I am also mourning the loss of so many cherished places that were part of my childhood.
Does he have an IEP?  I know kids with SPD who sit out music class and do an alternate PE with an IEP.
  This is not different from most of the U.S.   I live in earthquake country and we don't have a backup generator or alternative heating system.  We keep a supply of bottled water and non-perishable food, and it doesn't get cold enough for it to be unmanageable if we didn't have heat, and we would just eat safe, uncooked food in the meantime.  It's not exactly a "plan", but we would make do, as most people in the Northeast are now.
New Posts  All Forums: