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  That's not the same as "...good thing none of the childhood vaccines contain thimerosal these days!  "    Having a thimerosal-free version available is not at all the same as no children receiving a shot with thimerosal.  
  The flu shot is recommended for babies 6 months and up, every year.  I'm not sure how that wouldn't be considered a childhood vaccine when it's recommended annually for children.
  Except for the annual flu shot, which is also recommended for pregnant women, and not always given preservative-free.
  So urine, saliva, feces, someone else's blood would all be ok to inject intramuscularly?
Time to find a new pediatrician, one who respects your parenting decisions.  There is no excuse for that kind of rudeness and insensitivity!
I've read on Pinterest that putting peppermint oil around door openings helps repel them.  I'm with you - I can't stand seeing spiders in my house!
My 32 weeker was older during flu season (born in June), but I was still pretty cautious.  I was nursing, and when I brought him out in public, I wore him so people wouldn't touch him and that I would be exposed to whatever he was, so I'd make antibodies in my breastmilk.  We didn't stay home all the time, but I was selective about where we went.  Fortunately I live in San Diego and could spend a lot of time outside during flu season.   I was more concerned about RSV...
  I love Cracked!   I don't frequent other boards.  I used to be active on KellyMom, but that was when I had a nursling.
Omega-3, Evening Primrose Oil, and B-Complex :)   I hope you find relief soon!
  This is not a PubMed, peer-reviewed article either.
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