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  That's not an anecdote.
  Are you actually trying to discuss this, or just contradict without proof everything the "other side" says?
I thought anecdotes were not data?   The bottom line is that if doctors weren't prescribing these drugs en masse, they wouldn't be profitable.
Wow, I'm so sorry.  Kissing someone else is definitely cheating.  He has to at least admit that he crossed a line.   But it doesn't really matter how anyone else defines cheating.  All that matters is that to you, kissing someone else is cheating and that he broke your trust.  That he is trying to play it off as no big deal is very concerning.   I'm sorry mama.
  That article is extensively cited.
A 24-105mm L-series camera lens.  
  Anecdotes do not equal data.
  This thread is 2.5 years old, so the kid is technically a preschooler now.  :)
  But not the smallpox vaccine.
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