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  My son only had a reaction to his 5th dose.   The timing seems too coincidental to not be a reaction.
I have one and it's not big enough to get wrapped around a baby's neck.  At 7 months I would feel comfortable leaving one with the baby.  But it probably won't work, to be totally honest!  It can't hurt to try though.  Good luck!
DH and I chose names that are familiar and only have one standard spelling, but weren't super popular when our kids were born (they were both around #50 on the SSA lists).  Of course, now our son's name is in the top 5, but there are no other boys in his class with the name, so it's not a big deal, and it doesn't feel trendy to me but may to others.
I don't think it's that uncommon.  I don't know why it is, but I know my daughter said her brother's name way after she said many other words, and I know of other siblings who have done the same.  It's not really anything that needs fixing - he'll say it eventually!
  This is one of the most offensive posts I have ever read.
Ha!  That's awesome.
My son became lactose intolerant after his 5th DTaP.  He had a fairly significant reaction and then gut issues for months.  He tested negative for food allergies but I finally narrowed down that it was lactose intolerance that lingered.  I often wonder if my daughter's dairy and soy sensitivities as an infant were triggered by her 2 month shots, as her symptoms started after that.  She outgrew the sensitivities, but she also didn't have any more shots!
If my child isn't feeling well and says he doesn't want to go to school, then I would keep him home.  If he just randomly didn't feel like going to school, I would tell him that it wasn't an option.   It sounds like your daughter isn't feeling well and wants to stay home and rest.  I would respect that.
Oh jeez - and non-vaxxers are accused of spreading misinformation??
  I have reported your incredibly offensive post.  This is the "I'm Not Vaccinating" forum, and comments like yours violate the UA.
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