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Not in the slightest.  
  I didn't even hear about the Wakefield study until months after I decided to discontinue vaxxing my kids.  And I've never heard of anyone saying that Wakefield was the reason they didn't vaccinate, or even just didn't allow MMR.  
  Are you in the San Diego Unified School District?  I'm in the Poway Unified School District and there are district preschools at many of the elementary schools, at a reduced cost if a parent participates at least twice a month, and some are free with income restrictions.  I think SDUSD has a similar program, so check with your local school district.  :)
I agree with Crunchy and Storm.  Secrets are not ok.
Honestly, I think for 4 year olds and junior kindergarten, homework is completely developmentally inappropriate.  Your daughter is learning to dread school before she's really even started it.  My son was in junior kindergarten and never had homework, other than the "assignment" of us reading to him every night.   I would only keep a child in junior kindergarten if they were enjoying it and learning.  Otherwise, school can wait another year.  That's my opinion only,...
  This is how it is at schools here too.  The teachers remind the parents to have their girls wear shorts or leggings under skirts, especially on PE days.  Kohl's has "scooters" in toddler sizes for girls, which are skirts with shorts built in, so DD wears those on preschool days pretty often.  Not to mention when you sit down, your skirt can ride up, and it's not like little girls wear knee-length skirts.   I get it.  Underwear is private and bathing suits aren't. 
I learned how to cook in 7th and 8th grade home ec. class, and then took a cooking class in high school.  My mom was never a great cook, and she never taught me anything.   I like to cook sometimes, and consider myself a fairly good cook when I do it, but I don't cook as often as I should.  My kids are pretty picky, which limits what I even consider making.   I work with recipes and can also throw things together successfully without a recipe.     One of the...
  This thread is several months old, but I wanted to comment on milk and soy vs. lactose intolerance.  It is not "popular nonsense" to eliminated dairy and soy from one's diet when breastfeeding if the baby is showing symptoms of dairy intolerance.  This is NOT the same thing as lactose intolerance.  Lactose is a sugar in breastmilk and you're right - it is extremely rare for an infant to be truly lactose intolerance.  However, an infant being sensitive to dairy has to do...
My 18yo self would be shocked at how much weight I gained and that I have kids and live in California of all places, but she would also be pleased to see that I am happy and have been married to the love of my life for over 14 years.
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