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yay! babies babies babies!
esther is such a gorgeous, classic name-have a wonderful birth!
very exciting!
good! i'm glad you do that! just cranky that they got my cellphone number-and feeling like a mama struggling with breastfeeding/not informed or supported could be easily swayed by this marketing. nothing against folks who can't breastfeed or choose formula-just feeling like it's very manipulative-this whole history targeting lower-income women especially with "scientific" info about how good formula is
I usually don't pick up calls from numbers I don't recognize on my cell phone but made an exception - it was an automated call from Enfamil!!! Not only did they send me unsolicited full size cans of formula ( which I stuck with emergency food supply) but they are calling my cell phone? Wow ridiculous. - the best part is the auomayed voice was asking if she could go on and I loudly said "no!" and she said I'm sorry dis you say yes? Who ia the culprit here- target baby...
mazel tov love the name!
woo hoo! great timing with the sibling ban being lifted!
sorry-such an unappealing phrase! but-what does the mucus plug look like? I've had discharge this whole pregnancy but tonight noticed a clear, sticky, clump kind of like clear snot-is this possibly the mucus plug and if it is, what then is "bloody show"? thanks!
congrats! welcome benjamin!
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