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i'm birthing at a local hospital with midwives-it's about a half hour away. i've heard positive things-there is waterbirth available and if you end up needing interventions like a c-section the midwife stays with you the whole time. i've started to pack a bag and a bag of snacks.
is pregnancy kind of like going through puberty again? i'm struggling a bit to accept where my body is at-my thighs are so large when i'm wearing a skirt they won't move past each other-just stay stuck! stretch marks, TONS of cellulite, spider veins, ginormous boobs. how is everyone else feeling about the transitions and mama's who have had babies in the past, what did your bodies feel like afterwards? i resent all of the celebrity "how she got her pre-baby body back in a...
the one advantage the ergo carrier had for me over the beco was the accessories it came with like the day pack and older model back sack: http://store.green-genes.com/product...k-%252d-Brown# http://www.thebabyhammock.com/ergoba...er-classic.htm (kind of looks like a wet bag) do you think it would be impossible to sew one of these bad babies? otherwise I was thinking of sewing a little pouch to go over the waistband? then again it is 3:41 in the morning...
Fun! Henna is so beautiful
the baby house is what dh has called me
thanks for the feedback so far-yay for camping/hiking with baby! I had been thinking a frame pack would be necessary because I would have to carry gear too which isn't possible in a beco but it's sounding like it's perhaps better to make the other adult on the trip carry all the gear!
I'm a first time mama so all of my answers are somewhat hypothetical but I did nanny for an infant full-time so was able to feel out gear preferences: Around here in the winter a jogging stroller is necessary due to snow etc. I was content carrying her up until a year but it was heavenly to be able to push her around after a year-helped me be in excellent shape and I think she enjoyed it. I purchased a Baby Jogger City Classic. I also liked having an umbrella stroller...
ergo is appealing because it has more storage and accessories-i'm not sure if it would fit be comfortably-I'm 4'11"
Did you need a backpack/frame type carrier to comfortably hike or camp with older babe? I am planning on getting a beco carrier-but there's no storage at all on it and it's cotton. also-I love the idea of camping with baby! Anyone done successful overnight camping?
I've had a sense of baby coming early but who knows. Is it fairly common for babies to arrive as 37-38 weeks?
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