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I Like Bella Luna Toys on Facebook.  What great toys!
I like Mothering on Facebook, and have for a long time!
Depends on the kid.  DS1 was almost two (23.5 months) when we greeted DS2.  He was great the whole time, except when I hit transition and was loud.  DH got him calmed down, and he was there when his little bro came flying out into the birth tub.  It probably helps that it was a home birth, so the only strange thing was the amount of noise mommy was making.  We read Welcome with...
A few days late to the party, but me too to everything! I feel like I had everything figured out with DS1, but now that DS2 is in the picture, it is so hard. They're 23.5 months apart, and DS1 still needs so much, and DS2 is ALWAYS nursing or needing to be held. Argh. When DS2 lets me put him in the mei tai, it helps a lot, but he is nursing so much that I can't always put him in it. Meal times are really a chore. Luckily, DH is working from home right now, so he...
I cut tanks too. Mine have held fine with no sewing, and I need to make some more to have a better range of colors. I just buy the cheapies at Wal-Mart and cut away.
It's probably from the pushing. I pushed hard for 45 min with DS1 and I felt very heavy and weak afterwards. I think it went away after four or five weeks - I know I felt better by my six-week visit.
Congrats! It is quite the adjustment to have them so close.
I don't have any different advice from what anyone else has offered, but I want to let you know that it gets better. With DS1, I spent a lot of time crying b/c of the painful, bloody nipples. I dreaded each feeding. It hurt unbelievably for three or four weeks, then it got better. His latch was fine once he finally got on, but he had a small mouth and I have big nipples, and he just had to grow. I also think he had a powerful suction - DS2 is much more gentle. We...
Beautiful photos. Our newborns could be siblings, they look so much alike. I'm waiting on our pro photos, but when they are done I'll post.
Wow! Congrats on a great and wild birth!
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