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My sensitivities were identified by a blood test. So I guess it's to allow time for my gut to heal and somehow not be sensitive to some of those foods anymore after the 6 months. I'm not 100% sure.
What about resources for protein drinks, meal replacements, and vitamins/supplements that are formulated without allergens?
If you know of any forums for sensitivities that are helpful, please let me know. I found one, but it is very inactive and was not helpful. I took the ALCAT and my dr has me avoiding things for 6 months, and doing everything that's left on a rotation diet,only eating each food at least every 4 days.It may sound easy, but since all this came about, I have lost about 15 lbs in 6 weeks, have become very depressed and anxious. My overall health has gotten much worse than...
Thanks for the link, http://www.whatsonmyfood.org/food.jsp?food=MU. Very helpful. But what on earth are bee toxins that they consider pesticides? When I google it, I just see things that seem to portray bee toxins as good things.   Unfortunately, we do not live anywhere near a Trader Joe's. Wish we did!
I've heard that bananas are back on the list to buy organic. I think it's because of the stuff that gets in through the roots. Is there not a resource for us about all foods in addition to the produce list that ewg puts out? I wonder about nuts, oats, etc.
Oh, and what's the longest it might take for her bm's to become normal if wheat was the culprit?
Could she be having withdrawals from wheat? She has not been herself at all the past couple of days. She's frequently screaming, crying, gagging (never done that before), and even clutching the wheat cereal box with all her might... I'm also overdue with our next child, so it could be that she senses that. Just wondering.
I just changed another diaper. It was so terrible. Total diarrhea, and her bottom is severely raw. It's been 2 weeks without dairy, and all I can think of that she's eating more of is wheat. In fact, I think it's little wheat flakes from her cereal (Kashi Autumn Wheat) that were stuck all over her bottom. There was a time when she was younger that I thought wheat might be a problem, but at that time I decided it wasn't. Where can I go for ideas on what she can eat if she...
Scsigrl, The Custom Probiotics website looks overwhelming with so many choices. Can you tell me which one you used for your DS? Thanks!
We have not had a strict avoidance of soy, but she's never had a problem that I know of. She had soy formula for a very short time as an infant, and it didn't seem to change anything. I just started the soy yogurt as I was trying to avoid dairy.   Also, I forgot to mention that she usually has a raw bottom with every dirty diaper. So I should have realized sooner that something was wrong. I'm pregnant and slow to put two and two together lately!
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