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Zero vaccines for my 2 kiddos, aged 4 and 9mos. 
I wouldn't call my parents by their first name. Even when I introduce them to someone, I have a hard time saying their names out loud! It just is weird to me! 
We go to Hamilton Pediatrics. They're pro-vax, but we only see Dr. Haberman - he's pretty old school, and has never said a word to me about our non-vaxing. The other docs have made comments, and I feel that the other docs are more mainstream, but Dr. Haberman has been pretty easy going, common sense, and is not quick to jump on the new "thing" (like meds for baby reflux), at least in my experience. We don't see him that often to be honest, since we treat minor illness at...
Capital Health Hopewell is a great hospital, especially if you're looking for a more natural birth. The cool thing about Pam & Louise vs the RWJ and Princeton groups, is that they are not staff. They meet you at the hospital, and they are with you until you have that baby. No shift ending, and getting the next midwife on duty, no other patients to tend to, no doctors who they have to "obey" (for lack of a better term). They have so much respect at that hospital, they...
I'm due in May, and so I was thinking some sort of play on the phrase, "April Showers bring May Flowers" but I don't quite know what, yet. Maybe something about August relations bring May babies? Or something like that? 
I was looking into switching family docs to a popular holistic doc in the are who just started her own private practice, until I found out she doesn't accept insurance. Good for her, but stinks for us. Anyone have any recommendations of other holistic family docs in the Mercer County, Burlington County, NJ/Bucks County, PA areas?    
Our peditrician is pretty accommodating, but we're in Hamilton Twp, Mercer Co. Might be a bit of a hike for you though.
There's an Amish market in Newtown. I just don't know the address. If you're familiar, its near La Stalla restaurant , Wendys and Rita's water ice, in the shopping center.
I'm a fan of Bella Luna Toys on Facebook!
I'm a fan of Mothering on Facebook!
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