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This totally happened to me my last pregnancy. I may get there yet with this one because I am starting to feel some pretty stong aversions... Mostly raw vegetables today but yesterday I didn't want to eat hardly anything. I forgot that this part kind of stinks... Being hungry but nauseous & not able to imagine eating anything at all.
Yay for all the mamas & new mamas-to-be here! I've already posted some but haven't done the roll call... • EDD: December 10 • Age: 36 (will be 37 by the EDD)) State or Country: IL How long it took to you to get your BFP: 3-4 cycles of active TTC What number child is this for you: 2 Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): DH & DS (5) Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): I'm planning for another boy as in at least 3 generations that's all that's been born in DH's...
Thinking of you MountainMama, Mizyellow & Galatea! And sending warm vibes your way. And MountainMama, crossing fingers you get good results quickly today!!
Enjoyed a nice cup of coffee this morning--Thanks for putting me at ease, ladies!!
I'm not a big coffee drinker. I used to be but I quit last fall & now drink about 3 cups a week. I just still enjoy it so I indulge when I have time to actually enjoy it at home. My last pregnancy, I had a total coffee aversion & avoided it completely. Now, I have no aversion so I've continued to have it 3 days a week (one cup or less at a time). Should I stop even this? What are other coffee drinkers doing? I don't think the evidence is clear one way or another & I'm...
I'm close! Had my first at 31. Now 36 & will be 37 by the time this little one is cooked! I wish I had started when I was younger but here we are! And it's all good.
@nicolecatalan, where do you get your coco butter? I'd like to try a coco-shea mix this time around. For laundry detergent we just ordered another 4 boxes of CountrySave from amazon. It lasts us over a year & is far cheaper than any other brand out there with very similar ingredients to other diaper-safe detergents.
Definitely also experiencing mild nausea here as well. Only 5 weeks today. It comes & goes, usually in the afternoon. Thankfully it's very mild--enough to bring some comfort (I know it's no guarantee everything is ok) but not enough to interfere with life. Last time I was newly pregnant during a very hot summer in the city & I think that must have compounded the feeling of awfulness. I remember having to get off the subway on my way home from work because I felt so awful....
Kimchi! And sauerkraut. And pickles. I think I'll make my hubby grab me more kimchi tonight or tomorrow. But my appetite has been weird. Voracious & then not hungry at all. And strangely eating actually seems to help with my mild nausea. Edited to add: I usually have a huge sweet tooth & now I'm totally just craving salty, sour foods. Have no idea what that means. But now I'm hungry again...
Oh, Anna, I'm so sorry to hear this. ((hugs)).
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