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I'm close! Had my first at 31. Now 36 & will be 37 by the time this little one is cooked! I wish I had started when I was younger but here we are! And it's all good.
@nicolecatalan, where do you get your coco butter? I'd like to try a coco-shea mix this time around. For laundry detergent we just ordered another 4 boxes of CountrySave from amazon. It lasts us over a year & is far cheaper than any other brand out there with very similar ingredients to other diaper-safe detergents.
Definitely also experiencing mild nausea here as well. Only 5 weeks today. It comes & goes, usually in the afternoon. Thankfully it's very mild--enough to bring some comfort (I know it's no guarantee everything is ok) but not enough to interfere with life. Last time I was newly pregnant during a very hot summer in the city & I think that must have compounded the feeling of awfulness. I remember having to get off the subway on my way home from work because I felt so awful....
Kimchi! And sauerkraut. And pickles. I think I'll make my hubby grab me more kimchi tonight or tomorrow. But my appetite has been weird. Voracious & then not hungry at all. And strangely eating actually seems to help with my mild nausea. Edited to add: I usually have a huge sweet tooth & now I'm totally just craving salty, sour foods. Have no idea what that means. But now I'm hungry again...
Oh, Anna, I'm so sorry to hear this. ((hugs)).
Hi all, Checking in to say I'm thinking of you ladies & hoping for the best for everyone! Nsmomtobe-Exciting! I hope your temp stays up! I finally put my thermometer away because I'm driving myself crazy! Rosie-So sorry to hear about the job news. That sucks, but you know that. I hope you can work through it. Dmariev-I'm thinking of you & keeping my fingers crossed. Girlspn-If I didn't say it already--Yay!! Sorry I know I'm missing updates but I'm trying to catch up...
Nothing hilarious to report ... I just keep mixing up words! But I'm soooo tired I really have to get up from my desk every five minutes just to stay awake (& run to the bathroom)! It's gonna be hard to keep this a secret from my coworkers.
Yes, vinegar is so stinky! It was oddly pungent to me last time but thankfully it dissipated quickly. Strange that during bathtime today it smelled strongly chemical to me & my son immediately asks why it smells like chlorine. Why, indeed!? Not sure if it was stronger than usual or if we were both just more sensitive. Ugh, I wish we could afford one of those whole house water filters.
Very interesting, MountainMama. Thanks for sharing. And I'm sorry if I came across as insensitive--that was not my intention at all! Hugs to you & SillyThing for your previous losses!!! Let's all hope that tests or not tests we all end up with healthy (& bright) babies!!
Big hugs, Anna & Dmariev! I hope everything is ok!!
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