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My 3yo DD is having some MAJOR behaviors that I would like to help her work through, but I have no idea how.    The main one I am having problems with is that when I am trying to talk her through a situation, like not being able to take a toy from her brothers, she starts screaming, tantruming, and yelling "Leave me alone!".   I have no idea what the best way to handle this is.   I would also appreciate any recommendations for resources on how to deal with...
Can I ask which math books were recommended to you?  And for any other recommendations you might have?  My 3 yo DD is very interested in numbers lately I I would like some age appropriate books that involve numbers/math in a story telling well, if that makes sense.  Thanks so much!  
We read at breakfast every morning.  We also read books throughout the day.  The kids also "read" by themselves (in other words play with books) for significant portions of the day.  I would say that at least an hour a day is spent with the kids interacting with books.  This is very spread out at our kids are so little that the most we read for at a time is 30 minutes.   
I totally agree with this.  Sit them down, and explain the expectations and consequences, then start taking things away immediately when they cannot respect or properly use them. Whatever item is causing a problem, in whatever manner, is simply GONE until they shape up.    For the window opening, you can buy lock that are super easy to install, and very cheap, that will prevent them from opening the windows.    If your kids end up with no clothes but jeans and white...
My 2.5 DD has been wearing Keens since March and we just bought our 14mo old twins a pair each this weekend.  The young-toddler version is lighter and a bit more flexible (and cheaper) than the older version we got DD.  We love them.  They are indestructible, waterproof, easy to clean, great toe protection, not to hot.  None of the other shoes we tried could hold up to the activity level of our boys.  Love our keens!  
We have not started saving for our kids' college yet, but their grandparents have.  We are, however, going to make sure that our kids do not have to take out any loans for their schooling.  We plan on starting to add to the funds their g-parents started very soon.    College and Grad school will be talked about as something that is simply a natural part of life.  They will go, at least to undergrad, and if they do not want to go to grad school they better have a VERY...
The scholastic DVDs are wonderful.    DD's current show is Word World (PBS).  Each 22min episode is really two episodes.  Seeing the letters form words is a lot of fun for her.  There is NO modeling of poor behavior, even to teach lessons, which is my main objection with DD watching TV.  DVDs are available as are episodes to download.   A past favorite was Signing Times.
I have no problem with "controlled" running, jumping, furniture climbing, and other active behaviors.  If things are getting out of control, then I make things settle down, but as long as I feel that everyone is safe then a lot activity is allowed. 
For my boys' first birth day I am doing little bundles of board books that I bought from the dollar store.  They have packages of 3-4 books that I am going to break up.  I also found some little packages of flashcard puzzles and I am going to put one box of those with two books.  It will be about a dollar a kid, but we do not have too many kids coming. 
My boys are 11 months old and they eat EVERYTHING that we eat.  They also do not have a single tooth between them.  DD also was eating everything that we ate by 10-11 months and she did not get her first tooth until 14 months. 
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