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I am going to play devil's advocate here.... The teacher most likely has very limited planning time. What would you rather have her commit that time to, planning excellent lessons or repeatedly proofreading her newsletter? Writing a newsletter every week can be stressful and time consuming. As long as they are mistakes that are obviously from rushing/not proofreading rather than overall lack of knowledge or ability then I would let it slide.
When we found out I was expecting number 2 we started seriously considering getting a van. My in laws come to visit a lot and I didn't want us to have to take two cars every time we went anywhere. Also, out poor dog hasn't come on any of our vacations since we had DD because there is no room for her crate anymore, with a van she might get to be included again. I also like the idea of a van because nursing in the car would be so much more comfortable and DD would be able...
I make big batches of pancakes and freeze them. DD will even much on them frozen. I just hand them to her (thawed or frozen) and she walks around eating them. I make a simple recipe that involves just four recipes, coconut milk, banana, whole wheat flour, and baking powder.
We are in the exact same boat with my 13 month old. It was taking 45 minutes to an hour to get her to sleep and then she was sleeping for 30-45 minutes. We tried switching to one nap this week and she has been way too fussy. She was a lot easier to put to sleep though! We are also weaning right now and I think she is getting her first two teeth. It sucks. I just don't have it in me to keep up the sleep battles. We have tried EVERYTHING too. The No Cry Sleep...
We go out twice a day. If we don't, she gets fussy and I feel like the day is stretching endlessly before me. We got to the park, library, botanical garden, children's museum, grocery store, target, local baby gym, play-dates, and just signed up for a music class. This is one of the things that I am most worried about come April when my twins are due (and prior if I get put on bed rest). I cannot imagine our days without all this activity!
My DD definitely had napless days. They usually happened to be when my DH was out of town for a few days. I gave up trying to force her to sleep those days. She happened to never be fussy those days, she just did not sleep.
DD had blood in her stools and I went off dairy and soy. Eventually, it did get better, but it takes up to a month for the proteins to clear both your and your baby's systems. It was a rough month for us, I kept on doubting that I was doing to the right thing by continuing nursing, but in the end it was definitely for the best. Her sleep didn't improve until we found the right probiotic. We give her Culturelle for Kids, which is dairy free, and if we miss two days she...
I want to know what he brings! I have been reading this thread and taking notes of games to buy in the future. I love playing games!
I was just thinking about this today. I was thinking that I might fill a big bin with rice, beans, or something like that instead. That the mess might be easier to clean than sand. She wouldn't be able to make castles, but she really isn't able to do that yet anyways. Has anybody used things besides sand to fill a "sensory table/bin" before?
I am not there yet, but my doctor told me not to make any travel plans starting at the end of Dec which is when I will be 24+ weeks. I plan on listening and have already told my in-laws that we will not be traveling for Christmas as we normally do.
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