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Hi, everyone! I just found out yesterday that I am nine weeks a long with mono/di twins, which I understand means that they are identical, but each have their own sack inside the gestational sack. I also have a twelve month old DD who I am currently still nursing four times a day. I have been reading through some old posts, and feel much better about things than I did last night and this morning, or I am at least accepting the fact that I am overwhelmed, stressed,...
3greatkids - can you do two infant seats and the toddler seat on that stroller? I have just found out that I am expecting identical twins, and DD will be, at the oldest, 20 months, when they arrive. The Valco stroller sound exactly like what we will need.
I am sorry that people keep giving you these negative reactions. I am not planning on sending DD to preschool any time soon (she is only just turned 1). If you do send her, it will only be the year before kindergarten. The only reason that I am considering that is that kindergarten here is full day and I think that a year of half-day and maybe not even every day preschool might help her adjust. It never occurred to me that people would make negative comments about no...
Thanks for the suggestions. I was thinking DVDs simply because they don't have commercials, which I really don't want DD watching. DVRing shows from PBS are also an option. The only show I know of is Between the Lions which she is not old enough for. I had forgotten about Sesame Street. I really don't care about characters being commercialized as long as DD isn't actually watching commercials. I have never watched Nick Jr or Disney, but I assume that all their shows...
I both agree and disagree. I think that toys should be toys. All of my daughter's toys are open-ended toys that she can just play with. No batteries, no talking voices, no instructions. However, I do think that TV for little kids should be educational. Nature shows, alphabet, books brought to life, something redeeming if a kid is going to sit there and passively watch it. Even shows that have no lesson or morals are not really opening kids' imaginations.
Thank you so much! I just looked them up on Amazon and they look great. Exactly like the sort of thing that I am looking for.
My DD has never watched TV (she just turned one), but I am due with our next LO in April. I am thinking that I should probably have some DVDs on hand for marathon nursing sessions. I already have some of the Scholastic Storybook collections from when I was teaching, but I am looking for DVDs that might actually teach letter, colors, counting, science, art, or some other concepts. What would you recommend? Thanks so much!
I don't like these and don't think that they are effective for the kids who "need" them the most. I taught first grade for two years and was the only teacher who refused to do it. My principal actually supported me, but the other teachers thought that I was crazy. I think that the majority of well-behaved kids just ignore it, it might motivate through fear of consequences a small handful of kids to monitor their own behavior, but that the students with true behavior...
I gave up all caffeine when I got pregnant with DD. My concerns were not that I thought that the caffeine would cause birth defects or developmental issues, but rather that I didn't want my baby's body to be born used to having caffeine in it's system and then suddenly be cut off from it. I know how cranky I used to get and how bad of headaches I used to get when I wouldn't get my caffeine, and I didn't want my new baby affected the same way.
My first appointment is Sept 2nd. I will be 9w1D. DH and DD will definitely come since there will be an ultrasound. We will also see a nurse practitioner. I won't see my OB until the 12/13 week appointment. We will be telling our family and friends after that appointment as long as we hear the heart beat on the doppler.
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