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Well, the best way to do this is to choose your keywords ahead of time. Usually about 5 keywords is a great amount. For example, my keywords are Ithaca, pregnancy, doula, photography, birth. You can do some simple keyword research using Google Adwords. You can type in keywords and see how many ppl are searching them and how much "competition" there is for those keywords. Make sure you are searching on your area because "birth" on an international level wouldn't be...
Have you optimized your website so that when people search "doula" and "anywhere, MA" your site shows up? You could also optimize for other words like "pregnancy" and your town so that women who aren't even aware they are looking for a doula find your site and can learn more.   I live in a small community and find word of mouth is really important. The more I'm out talking to people at "hubspots" of pregnant ladies (ap store in town/prenatal yoga) the more ppl are...
So where do all the birthpros hang out online?   (Besides MDC of course )
I agree with @MidwifeErika. You would have to create a birth business and get creative and savvy about it.   Attending births would be ONE of the services you would offer and because you design the rest of your biz you create the freedom to be able to attend births.   It will take a real business plan, strategy, smart use of marketing tools, but you can do it!
I am all about the magnet option and give the MDC oval a big hells yeah. I would not put anything confrontational on my car and would rather use it as intro to convo or a way to spot other mdc mamas. I can just imagine all the beeping and waving on the highways!
Hey mama! Lots of love. I soooooooooo empathize with longer pregnancies. My first ds was born at 42+1 and that was with lots of natural stimulation/herbs etc. My second I found a midwife to support me waiting until my body was ready and he went a full 43 weeks and was born with no signs of postdatism, a healthy placenta and was just 7.5 pounds. Hang in there. My due date was yesterday and I'm not planning on going until July sometime.
Hi everyone! My due date was yesterday, but I'm in it for the long haul. Ds1 was born 42+1 weeks and ds2 was born a full 43 weeks! So I still have a few weeks. Much easier to wrap my head around it this time.
Hello New York, I am the web moderator of FreeOurMidwives.org and we are down to the line right now! Late this afternoon we learned we did not have as much support going into the Higher Education Committee vote tomorrow as we had previously thought. What does this mean? We need to FLOOD this entire Higher Education Committee with faxes, emails and phone calls from now until tomorrow at 11:30am. Find out who needs to hear from you and the best way to reach...
I take the floravital. I am anemic and it really helps. I find I don't mind the taste when I first open it, but after two weeks it gets kind of gross and metallic like. My solution is to finish a small bottle in a few weeks then take a week or two off (b/c of high cost) and get another bottle. Another trick: drink through a straw--it stains your teeth. I usually stick a clean straw right in the bottle, take a swig and eat or drink something immediately...
I tried to choke down those horse pills with my first, but didn't take any with my second or with this third pregnancy. I try to focus on nutrient dense foods as an alternative.
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