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thanks for your advice. I will check that out!
hi, my experience is actually in Honduras, but since it applies in so many ways, I thought I would let you know a few lessons I learned when taking the kids there with my DH for 5 months. To start, though, it seems like you already have good advice and are off to a great start! - make sure to bring extra shoes for the kids, my kids somehow got wet feet all the time. - As for safety, if you get any well-meaning commentary from family at home, let them know that travel...
hi, I am looking for good books on the subject of raising children biculturally. In our case, I am from the US and my husband is Honduran, though I don't think that is directly relevant to my book options out there. I read Maya Frost's The New Global Student and Robin Pascoe's Raising Global Nomads, but they didn't really get at the true issue that I want. I heard that Dugan Romano's Intercultural Marriages: Promises and Pitfalls, was supposed to be good but I don't...
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