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So true! I admit that I enjoy the science questions a bit more. Today he's pondering the existence of ghosts. It's amazing how hard he seems to think about these things.
Yeah, we touched on that today too. Thanks for the reminder though. He sometimes likes things to have simple black and white type answers, so these questions I find very challenging....especially as he always asks me while driving.
We're dealing with the whole evolution and creation issues right now with my 5 yo. He's won't let up with his questions about how people got to be on Earth. We're not religious, but I did tell him some people believe it was God. He's finally starting to be satisfied after DH got him a book about the big bang yesterday.
My 5 yo DS is much the same. He wants everything to be easy and just be natural like it has been so far. He finds sounding out words tedious, so I'm trying to switch directions and use that incredible memory of his so he can expand his sight words. I'll see if I can find that book in the library.
For us it was my son's insatiable need to know why. Not just "Why did you do that mommy?", but "Why do storms form above erupting volcanos?" and "Why don't the planets fall into the sun?" and "What will happen if the Earth stops spinning?" It can be irritating at times, but it is who he is. : Also, he showed a few signs in toddlerhood. He barely slept, knew his colors before he could speak (one of his first words other than momma was purple), learned his letters and...
My son is sensitive, and 4 was the most difficult age to deal with. 5 has been much easier...and the closer we get to 6, the better it gets still. Stick with it...I'm betting it's just a stage. There's something about 4 that is very hard. I've often thought it has something to do with brain maturity, since that's when most permanent memories start to form. It's like all impulse control goes out the window.
Quote: Originally Posted by boatbaby Me too! : I always exhale a sigh of relief when I come home from play dates where we're stuck indoors with multiple feuding siblings. I feel like this is the only safe place to talk about that. Yes, I often say that...and I totally agree about coming home to a peaceful house.
Here's an idea: Try ignoring the school's discipline system at home. Just have it not matter anymore. If she brings home red, don't say a word....same with green...unless she wants to talk about it. Then ask her how she feels and try not to put any of your own judgement into it. If it were me (and it will be next year...DS is in preschool now), I'd have a serious talk about using recess as a punishment. There's no way that can possibly work in the short term. It's...
I'm here! My DH works out at Ellsworth. What do you need to know? We have an AP mom's group, holistic moms, a nursing moms group and LLL, and a really great food co-op (where I work and volunteer part time).
Hi, I'm a paleo mama too....and my hubby just made the switch as well. My favorite site is the active lowcarber forum (the paleo/neanderthin section). Also a really great recipe site: http://www.paleofood.com/
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