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I lost my mom 6.5 years ago to a heart attack (heavy smoker). She was only 63. You're not alone.
Garrett County bacon is uncured, and has no nitrates except those found in sea salt. And it's super awesome good!: Yes, bacon is healthy. Fat is healthy.
I am also type O pos. I was a vegetarian for 13 years, and I too got fat. I've been eating meat for about 3 years now, and I'll never go back. I don't eat an awful lot (I really don't like red meat, poultry is my favorite), but it's enough. A little over 2 weeks ago I went on an elimination diet for skin problems, and I never want to go back to what I was eating before (I'm now off gluten, dairy, soy, corn, most grains, sugar, most beans, and eggs). My skin is clear,...
Yup. All foods on list for all people cause rashes and tummy aches (headaches and brain fog too). Bananas were bad (swelling of mouth and lips) for my DH as a child, but not now. Odd family, I know.
My DS: Corn Me: Corn, peanuts, alcoholic beverages, chocolate My DH: Dairy, soy, walnuts, bananas, peanuts My father: Eggs, corn, all nuts except pine nuts, peanuts (lots more I can't remember) I am currently 2 weeks into an elimination diet (no corn, gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, sugar, most other grains except occasionally rice...very few beans). I was getting a terrible case of eczema, which is now clear. I'm liking this way of eating so much though, I may...
I suggest something to help with liver support (like milk thistle) along with lots of water and fresh fruits and veggies. This should help speed up the process (the more water and fiber in your diet, the quicker the stuff can get out). No judgment here...I know how addictive painkillers can be. Good for you for quitting. I think you're past the hardest part. Just hang in there and get the pills out of the house.
We stopped doing WBV at 4 months with my DS. The first time he needed to see a doctor was at 4 years old, and we took him to urgent care (it was Sunday). They have been great, and that's where we all go if we need anything (we all had pink eye and strep this winter). We don't get asked if we have a regular ped or vax or anything. The staff is generally very nice and caring too (we even got follow up calls). I have a feeling that someday I'll need a regular doc, but now...
This is a great article about gun and violent play: http://www.mothering.com/articles/gr...bang-bang.html
My DS had plagiocephaly as an infant. We took him to his doc (which we stopped seeing soon after for vax issues, not this) and he thought it was mild and to have him sleep on the other side. So, that's what we did. Most of the asymmetry has disappeared over the years (he's 5 now). If he's upside down or looking in the mirror, I can see it slightly...but I'll never know if that's how he's meant to look or not (no one is perfectly symmetrical). I asked a friend candidly...
Legos, anything Star Wars (there's a fascination there even if they haven't seen a movie or anything), board games, books, robots, dinosaurs, etc. My 5 yo DS loves just about any toy. Oh yeah, tinker toys are a favorite here too.
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