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A sling is a great idea. I didn't have one at first, and it would have made things a whole lot easier for me. My boppy pillow was a lifesaver as I had a c-section. Did she register for a breastpump? I got all sorts of cute outfits and stuff at my shower, but all I really wanted was a pump. This is going to sound strange, but one of my favourite baby items is the wipe warmer. My little guy would cry everytime he got his diaper changed because of the cold...
The humane society usually has puppies too. Also, dogs are really puppies until they are almost 2....so you may be able to get a younger dog without having to get a tiny puppy. Scent hounds like beagles wander a lot! I had a basset hound that was the sweetest dog in the world, but if she got out she would just keep wandering (and getting into people's garbage). Beagles tend to bark a lot too.
There aren't any free puppies in the paper? Mixed breeds often make very, very good pets. I had a cockapoo growing up, and he was a great dog. We had him for 16 years too!
I have to agree about doxies. They are stubborn, and sometimes not to be trusted. We found a new home for our doxie a few months ago as I really never felt that my son was completely safe, even though the dog never did anything. Luckily, his new home emails me often with pictures of him with his new family. Our other dog (only dog now) is an italian greyhound, and he is WONDERFUL with the baby, and the baby just loves him. He does like to lick a lot. While it's...
Wow, I am in awe of you guys! I just started thinking about simpler living recently. In fact, I just started a message board for people to make trades. http://karlinlinde.com/phpBB2/index.php
My mom made her own because she was sick of the amount of bags piling up in her house...lol. If you can sew at all, you can find cheap fabric at thrift stores or in a bargain bin at the fabric store. I'm thinking you could make the bags for less than $1/bag...and you could decorate it yourself if you're so inclined.
One thing I would second is the playing a recording of a baby crying (loudly!) to your cats and often. One of my cats absolutely freaked out the first time my son cried after we brought him home. She actually tried to climb my leg (ok, she came running in from the other room, and the dog scared her....so I'm not sure her intentions, but I think she was concerned, scared, and curious). It left awful scratches and I was totally inconsolable. I thought the cat was trying...
I used to mix a little baby wash in with water, but now I just use plain water, and we've never had a problem with rashes or anything.
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