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Zoebird- I think the answer to this question is as varied as every mother here. Assuming the essentials are taken care of (diapers, clothes, food (boobs! )), you really need NOTHING in the way of toys for an infant- dd really liked a Haba stroller/carseat clip toy, but other than that, she played with spoons, measuring cups, my nursing necklace, and as she got older, she crawled around exploring- she really liked Goodnight Moon from about two months old- I think the bold...
The Gome's Home had a really great show on this a while back: http://www.dootieproductions.com/11142007.mp3 If anyone has relatives that don't understand, send them this radio show!
extraordinary spider, are you willing to spill your guts now?
I'm interested. We do have toys, but I keep plastic and battery powered ones out of the house. And I really favor toys that are actually tools, like real, working child sized brooms, garden tools, woodworking tools, etc. And I especially like open ended waldorfy style toys- the waldorf doll, silks, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by mia_jean I would love to dread my hair today, but I have to get through some 'baggage' first. Really consider some questions like "Why am I doing this?" Just to look cool ? I think I might have been the one to say spring fever- that's *definitely* how I feel, anyway! I have NEVER changed my hair my whole life, and I'm doing it because I want to make my outside more match my inside- I realized that it's hard for...
So it's ok to let the dreadies air dry?
So right now, I wash my hair about every other day, and usually at night so I let it air dry. Then I brush it in the morning, put it in a pony, and go. Very low maintenance, I like it that way. I was under the impression dreads were low maintenance, but now I'm starting to wonder- what is your daily hair care routine like? Do you have to blow dry when you shower? I don't even OWN a blow dryer, and it seems pretty silly to go out and purchase one for dreads.
I JUST started it last night, and I am LOVING it! So much stuff in there to make me think, make me ANGRY, make me want to DO something- and I"m only in chapter two. I haven't gotten to the roadkill part yet, I'm reading about the devil- I mean, Monsanto.
Hi all! I'm subbing to this thread- maybe it's spring fever or something more, but I'm thinking about dreads seriously. I have tailbone length hair, and it's been the same straight all my life. I can't bear to cut it short, but I think I might be able to bear dreads- my only fear is that if I change my mind, I WILL have to cut it short.
I have been drinking kombucha for the past two days without consuming any fat or protien (since it's a fast), except for my CLO. So, maybe that's it. It's not like really tipsy, even, just a warm buzz. That cracks me up! I never thought kombucha could do that!
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