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What a good idea! I would felt, because I crochet, and with crochet, there's always a hole in the middle of a round, and that wouldn't be too good if you're trying to absorb milk.
Zombiewaif, the crystal IS a germ killer... well, not a killer so much as a prohibitor. It blocks the bacteria that make you smell from mixing with your sweat. However, sometimes (because I don't shower daily) the crystal isn't enough, so I really like that recipe too!
Yeah, that's was written in the days before people said, "YOU have to do what's right for YOU". *rolleyes*
Heh, I hit 200 lbs a couple days or so ago too! Yay, party on together!
34 wks here, and 35 lbs heavier than when I began (I was 165 when I started, overweight for my frame.) I think that being overweight to begin with is making it harder on me than it has to be in these final weeks, but I still wouldn't choose to gain any less weight than what my body put on for my baby. My midwife is a fan of the Brewer diet though, so the more weight I gain, the better to her. She also cited a study by the March of Dimes that showed that women who gained...
Quote: Originally Posted by M_of_M I've been reading this forum for quite some time already. I perfectly understand that I am probably "too mainstream" in my thinking, so I just can't understand certain things. Although my post maybe viewed like I am about to start a war here, that is not my intention. I realize that all people are different and others have views that could be exact opposite of mine. I am just trying to find answers to my questions...
I've experienced it too. More often earlier in the pregnancy. Most of the time it lasts for a couple of seconds. Once it lasted for much longer than that, and I was very worried. I talked to my midwife about it, and she has said it's most likely nothing to worry about, so I'm trying really hard not to worry. This thread is reassuring.
Eek, I always feel the hiccups above my belly button on either the right or left side. In bed this morning, I felt them low in my left side though. I have had a posterior baby for most of this pregnancy, but I think he rotated to anterior today.... maybe? I have to do some more palpating first.
And making muffins is making me breathless. Nature is WEIRD!! Just since Thanksgiving, I've gotten breathless so easily... I'm SO tired out, physically, by doing the simplest tasks! Granted, I wasn't in stellar shape before I got pg, but I wasn't THIS bad! Is it the extra 30 lbs? The fact that my baby is in my diaphragm? Or what?
I remember what it was like, and I'm looking forward to it again. I miss not having to scream in agony when I roll over in bed, I miss my skin not being so sensitive that the smallest thing makes it itch, I miss not getting out of breath so easily. I miss not being able to slouch if I want to. I miss not worrying about what position I'm in when I'm lying down. I miss going to sleep the way I used to (it was never easy, but it wasn't THIS hard, either!) I love being pg, but...
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