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thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
Wow I am really happy to see so many others here planning pregnancies in a few months. It's exciting. I too feel a bit silly getting all gung-ho about it this early, but since we didn't plan our last one this is so awesome for me. Also for the past couple of years my dh and I have disagreed on whether to have a second child: I wanted one, he didn't. It was just within the last month that he changed his mind, so this is HUGE for me! Thanks for the book recommendations...
hello I am akward at intros but, hi, I'm new here. I am a SAH, homeschooling mom to my 6yo ds and am planning a pregnancy in august. it is nice to be here!
hi I'm new here, I have a 6 yo ds and will be ttc in august. is there anyone else planning for a pregnancy this summer? I'm wondering what all I should be doing to get prepared. I am still a bit overweight from my last pregnancy and am scared to death that this next one will make me even heavier. I have been unable to lose and keep it off, (possibly due to an endocrine problem) do you think I should even begin trying to lose again at this point? when is the best...
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