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I think it depends. I think that there is some value in teaching kids to "fit in" to some extent and in some situations. While it's lovely to think every child will carve out a niche for themselves in the adult world and will be able to pursue their dreams and desires without ever caving to the man..... It's just not so.    I don't tell my kids to change THEM, but I do encourage them to find what they have in common with others and pursue those when in the company of...
Eh. If I was wanting to discuss strollers or circumcision(in a pro sense) or Toaster Streudels, I just wouldn't do it on this site. 
I am so so glad I got my teeth straightened. I cannot imagine the embarrassment I would deal with as an adult if my teeth looked the way they did when I was a preteen/teenager. Yes, there is some discomfort associated with braces. It was miserable at the time, but I am now so grateful for it. I have some issues with my jaw that could possibly be related to the expanders I had, but there's no way to know for sure. There's also no way to know for sure that your shortened...
Hi everyone! Just checking in really quickly. I look forward to coming back and reading all through the previous comments.   I guess I'm a selective minimalist. I like my home to be very minimalist in general, but I don't feel the need to skimp back significantly on size. We're four people and a very large dog in a 2000 sq ft. house, and while we could get by with less, I like the space.    But things are not packed full. My counters are bare. Almost all flat...
The Wii. Twice.  Dog crate.  Cabinet doors.  Dresser.  Countless toys.  Garden hose.  Couch.  Two armchairs.  Airport Express.  Two DVD players.  Cooler. Set of outdoor solar lights(you're right, these are a bad idea).  Countless wine glasses.    Oh, geez, I could go on and on. 
Weekly. Always. For all beds. Sooner if a kid has an accident or something of course. 
2. He's been pretty average right on down the line with physical stuff. And now, at 9 years old, he's athletically pretty average. He's definitely not a gifted athlete. 
No. I would have thought maybe yes. But then we didn't have internet for a couple of days(outage in the area). And except for not being able to talk to DH who is working away, I didn't miss it. I enjoy having it when it's there, and I admit I do waste too much time on it in many cases, but I can also take it or leave it.   Could you just unplug your router for a couple of days and give yourself a break? 
"Their dad is from Pakistan." That's all I say. 
How long has this been going on? It sounds like a nursing strike to me. I absolutely would not wean. Your child is not done breastfeeding yet. Nursing strikes are normal and most babies have them at some point. 
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