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It's ok. I don't really "fit" anywhere either. So I just kind of take what I feel I can benefit from and leave the rest. I'm ok with that. 
Thank you!
How does your husband feel about watching his grandchild born addicted to crack cocaine? And then withdrawing from it? Having your daughter arrested would at least give the baby SOME protection.   
I have about 10! It's making my head spin just thinking about it. I've been working on my house hardcore for about the last two weeks.... Cleaning some things, re-organizing some things, painting some things..... It just doesn't seem to end! :) But honestly, I'm really enjoying it. I'll have to come back with a real list once I can think my way around all of it. It's really late here(just finished a project!) and my brain is fried. 
I haven't dealt with it.... yet. But I would if I had to. I keep a close eye on things where we live(bible belt). I figure it's only a matter of time, but so far have been pleasantly surprised not to find it to be the case. 
Nope! When we moved DS1 into his own bed and room, he ended up on the floor most nights. I just let him be. I would slip something under his face so he wasn't sleeping with a face down into carpet, but that was all. 
When we lived in a high COL area, I "worked" to bring in income. Sometimes I cleaned houses, sometimes I baby-sat, sometimes I full time nannied to bring in money but brought DS1 with me, or later had the child I cared for in my home when I had DS2 as well. We couldn't make it on DH's income alone. We could now, as he's stepped up considerably as far as income is concerned. But before, it wasn't mathematically possible. 
In no way ok. My FIL cut DS1's hair once. All heck broke loose. In-laws were banned from access for weeks. It was bad. My kid's body? No one's choice. 
Eh. I find it kind of limiting. I didn't have one, but someone in our babywearing group made one once. It's nothing you can't do with just an appropriately sized wrap, and if you don't modify the wrap you'd have more options. 
I have one friend on FB that I hid from my wall. I didn't unfriend her, and I do sometimes click on her wall and read her posts and see what's going on. But I didn't need her constant negativity coming across my FB. In this case, it was mostly her attitude that bothered me, although some choices, too. She just seemed generally annoyed by her children, and not in a venting way, but more that she considered her kids an impediment to her life being awesome. Basically every...
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