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Urgent care, unless you have a standard family doctor. I had the same problem on Sunday. I walked out with three prescriptions and by yesterday felt like a million bucks again! 
Our boys' room has white furniture. It's all IKEA stuff and it doesn't have any accents. It's just really clean, simple lines. I don't think it's feminine at all. 
We get up early and head outside before it's too insanely hot. Try to wear them out that way. Then we sometimes swim later on. 
I've had the best luck with the cheap, hard ones. No puncture issues, no deflation issues, no bending down sides issues.... Just easier overall. 
DS1 basically taught himself to read. I still don't entirely understand it. I mean, I read to him. He'd ask me what things said and I'd tell him. We sang the ABC song. We read ABC books. He watched a little bit of Sesame Street(we didn't have cable, only a handful of Sesame Street DVDs). That's about it.   And one day, he brought me a piece of paper where he'd written out the alphabet. And then another day, I heard him reading a book out loud.    I really wish I...
Eh. I don't really think it's that odd. Some people just function that way. I don't, but some do. 
Well, we just dealt with it. I know some people try and "fancy" and pick gauze wraps, or solarveil carriers, or this that and the other. For me, I figure two bodies pressing against each other are going to be inherently hot. It's just how it is. Additionally, two people outside in hot weather NOT touching are going to be hot, inherently. So we just dealt with it. I used carriers that were best suited for the situation(i.e. long periods of wearing, back carrying or hip...
YES. I would totally do it. My DS2 was tongue-tied. He was clipped when he was 9 days old, but that only dealt with the tip. Because he also had a posterior tongue-tie, it basically didn't fix anything. He fortunately never had issues with being able to breastfeed, it just hurt me like heck(really, it was bad). He ate solids fine. He had quite a bit of tongue mobility, I think because we continued breastfeeding so it did stretch his tongue.   But then we did have to...
First off, I don't consider myself a GD parent. So keep that in mind here :)   I think the thing about GD is you can't try and use it here and there, and it's really hard if you don't parent that way from day one. My kids are used to more traditional discipline, so when I'm trying to be 'better' and use GD, they blow it off because to them it's just a non-discipline. Does that make sense? So I feel like a lot of those people saying, "that doesn't work" are like me,...
I would say my 9 year old cries probably once every couple of days, and it's usually an angry, "This isn't fair!" kind of cry. 
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