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I think she just meant skin exposure being for the sake of drawing attention. She likened exposing the nursing breast to draw the attention of others to short shorts drawing the attention of others. My point being, I did neither for the sake of attention, but for function. 
I wear short shorts because they're cooler and because they're more comfortable. Go figure.   
I would be so sad if my mom hadn't saved stuff from my childhood. I mean, she did go overboard and saved tons of my toys, baby clothes, all kinds of things. But I love looking at and reading stories I wrote in school, albums of pictures and ticket stubs from things we saw, and so on. And now my kids love looking at it with me.    I don't think you need to save everything. But your kids might someday be sad that they don't have those things. 
I completely agree with anything by Sleeping Baby. 
Yep. We did. It fit just fine. 
I have OCD, and have since I was a child. My DS1 is showing the same signs I was. HOWEVER. My OCD, and so far my son's, do not have an anxiety component per say. I do something in my head that I can't stop, it's basically like numbers running through my head that I canNOT control, so it's not like if I don't do it xyz bad thing will happen. When I was little, though, I did have a terrible fear of tornadoes, and eating out in restaurants, or eating at someone else's...
LOL. So either video games or Star Wars? :) I'm not a Star Wars fan, but I know the name because my friends' dog is named Lando.... Her brother was a big Star Wars fan and he named the dog. I had to have someone explain the movies to me so I could understand the character.    I think the name Morpheus is really cool. How many people know where that comes from? 
I don't think I could make a blanket statement on much of anything. Committing certain crimes would be a deal breaker(stealing, assault to others, and so on). Illegal drug usage(maybe not pot, not sure) would be a deal-breaker. Certain self-destructive acts would be a deal-breaker. Physical abuse would absolutely be a deal-breaker, as would a complete abandonment of his familial responsibilities.  Smoking would most definitely not be a deal-breaker, as my DH has...
I, also, have fairly large breasts and have never felt truly comfortable not wearing a bra. I just don't like the sensation of it, I guess. If I'm dressed to go out or if I've come home, I'll just stay as I am in a regular underwire bra. But for overnight and around the house I have sleep bras which are kind of like a less restrictive, lighter sports bra. Those are what I'll wear a lot. They keep stuff kind of lifted and under control but without being so shaped, if that...
Yep, you get sympathy from me. My DS1 is/was the same way. And he's 9 years old now! I don't know why, but he just always preferred daddy. There's no rhyme or reason for it. We worked opposite shifts so we spent, literally, the same amount of time with him. And the same amount of time caring for him. He just always took to daddy over me. And then DS2 came along and was completely the opposite. Go figure. 
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