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We don't allow guns, or weapons of any kind. I am personally pretty adamantly opposed to the ownership of weapons across the board, especially guns.    Nope, there's no fighting allowed, period.  I guess I just don't believe they have an "inner warrior." Yes, I read the article/book/all that. I just don't buy into it. 
This IS a great thread. This is something my DH and I butt heads on. Our DS1 has very lofty goals.... And some of them are just CRAZY. And I'm always torn about where I try and re-direct him to something more attainable/reasonable/possible and where I just encourage him to dream. I haven't figured it out yet. I'm still working on it. 
I'm sorry, did I read this right? 3 weeks ago your husband committed suicide? I got distracted on the rest of the thread because I was trying to understand what you were saying. 
No. I wouldn't. It sounds too risky. Maybe it would be possible to try and work out a better weekend schedule so you can spend more time together. My DH used to work nights and I know how hard that can be. 
I agree with Charlottesville. 
No. We frequently get snakes in our backyard, which backs up to more backyards and is always mowed. I can't even imagine how many snakes are in the wooded areas across the street. 
  I want to tread lightly as I know the OP is going through something difficult right now. What you're describing doesn't sound to be the case for the OP. She didn't realize at all that what was happening to her son was ADHD or anything else, she just thought it was normal 4 year old behavior that was a part of his particular personality. It doesn't sound like it was debilitating for them. Which lends me to think that it would be reasonable to explore other options before...
Agreed with all of the above. We strongly suspect DS2 has ADHD and his pediatrician has agreed. But there are many more steps to take before we settle on that and choose to medicate him. Not to mention, I don't feel right medicating a 4 year old who's not even in a situation yet where he needs to "perform" academically. For now, we work with him to try and manage what we can, and tolerate the rest. 
  Interesting.... We never used sippy cups, only straw cups. I'd never given the location of the liquid hitting the teeth any thought(though I did realize it applied with bottles vs. breast). But now I'm glad we always used straws!
I used to be a nanny. Doing a Mother's Day craft never occurred to me. We did Christmas crafts, but that's because Christmas is a month long and it's overwhelming in stores and was hard to miss. 
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