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I'm sorry you're being met with such negativity. I think it's something you learn as parents.... to not tell people things if you don't think the response will be what you want to hear. Like names.... We didn't tell people what names we were thinking of naming our kids because we knew they'd offer their unkind opinions, so we kept it to ourselves. We NEVER told anyone when we were TTC#2, even though it took years and we had several losses, because I knew that people...
I can only speak from my experience, but my DH just is not a baby person. He doesn't "get" babies. They don't make sense to him, he doesn't know how to interact with them, he's essentially uncomfortable with them. He CAN go through the motions, but there's no connection there.   With DS1, I thought it was just the circumstances.... We hadn't been together long, there was a lot of emotional/financial stress, we were working awful hours, and so on. So when we had DS2,...
I'd actually discourage using a nipple shield unless all else fails. In my opinion, they complicate things, and can effect supply negatively. Not to mention that babies will often refuse to nurse without one and then that becomes an issue.    I had one flat and one inverted nipple and successfully breastfed just by pushing the tip of my areola forward to create a 'nipple' for him to latch onto. Over time, the nipples pulled out and I now have pretty normal looking...
Eh. We don't have a cat now, we did, and then we had to put her to sleep and we were looking to adopt another. And that's what we encountered, at multiple rescues. It was in the DC area.    We got a dog instead, and we're now very much 'dog people' and I don't expect we'll have a cat again, at least not anytime soon.   
We clean up daily. Not once a week, it would get out of control. At the end of every day every single thing has to be put away, period. I feel so much more sane this way. 
A lot of rescues won't even allow you to adopt a single cat, especially kittens, because cats apparently really need the companionship. I was also always raised with single cats. But we also usually had a dog at the same time. Of course, the cats I grew up came with from back in the day when you bought your pet at a pet store, so the environment was entirely different.    For one thing, I would only ever have indoor-only cats. And if I did get cats, I would probably...
Interesting.... I was taking Luvox and it made me so tired I couldn't function at all. I switched to Lexapro and I feel great now! 
Good luck to her! It can be an entirely possible thing. I had a breast reduction and then went on to successfully exclusively breastfeed my DS2. My story is on the bfar site under Nicole2. 
Yea, you definitely don't want a stretchy wrap. You want a good quality woven wrap. As we got to the end of our babywearing days when DS2 3, I pretty much exclusively wore him on my back in a short wrap. I really liked a carry called the Ruck under Bum which uses only a small amount of material and is quick up and down. 
A good quality wrap would work. What did you use before? 
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