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Original Tide. Never had a problem. No stripping, no build-up, no staining that putting a diaper out in the sun couldn't get rid of. 
Why would you have to hire someone to watch DS at night? 
I would say that if he has training and experience in a certain field, than he probably shouldn't take something like McDonald's if you're still receiving unemployment. But turning down a job just because it pays less than he used to make or because the schedule is undesirable doesn't sit well with me. My DH would not have turned down jobs like that. Actually.... We were living in Virginia, DH was unemployed, and he took a job and we moved to Georgia for him to take a...
We kept the litter box in the closet. And I scooped pregnant. I grew up around cats. I figure I've probably been exposed and have immunity. Besides, the risk is low as long as you practice basic hygiene. Wash hands right after, don't touch your face. Simple as that. 
So your dog is not on a heartworm preventative? 
Nope. The best we ever did was just a nice cuddle moment of closeness. But breastfeeding has always hurt and it's not a good experience for me physically. 
Well, with DS1 we did tell people about our name ideas, and nobody liked any of them.    We learned our lesson with DS2 and didn't tell ANYONE what names we were considering. DS2's name is Ansel, which is unusual I suppose. Most people don't have too much trouble getting it right, though. I'm glad we didn't tell anyone ahead of time because I didn't want to hear their negative opinions. I did hear one person's negative opinion after the fact, though.... When DS2 was...
My bed and kids' bed weekly. Sometimes DS2's bed gets changed more often if he leaks a little at night or something along those lines. Guest bed gets washed(including comforter) whenever a guest leaves. 
42" LED. The LED makes all the difference. We used to have a 60", but it's just too big unless you have a huge room. 
We've had good luck at Payless. They usually have quite a few options. I just can't stomach spending the amount I would on a pair of shoes he'll run and play in for months as something he'll wear once or twice for a couple of hours. 
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