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I don't let it get above 80. During the summer, we keep our house at 79 or 80. 
Not me, but I know people on Standard who had births through Birth Care in Alexandria. 
The only person I've known who was vegan(I mean, that I KNEW was vegan) was/is morbidly obese. So is her husband. I really couldn't figure it out. Except that it seems like they eat a lot of "junk" vegan food, like soy ice cream or whatever. Their kids are overweight, too. 
Yep, one. Kaden, though we spell it Kadin. Oh well. I still don't regret it. 
Yes. But all our dishes are a well known brand that is known for it's quality. Honestly, they weren't that expensive. We bought seconds on sale. 
I think it's a personal thing. For me, I wouldn't have a child if I wasn't able/willing to breastfeed. After I had DS2 and nursing was hell, it took me until he was nearly 2 to even be willing to consider having another baby. I feel that breastfeeding is really important, but I was so miserable doing it that it took that long to be able to fathom doing it all over again. 
All I know is I read through page 1 and then skipped to page 12 and WOW. Didn't see that coming!
The ability to travel to grand and exotic places. I think I'd like that best. Private islands, any dream city location.... That would be amazing. 
I think I would have a one-on-one chat with my brother about not wanting him screaming in your home. I think I would say it's something you don't want your kids exposed to in their own home. I definitely would not send out a general e-mail. I would deal with situations as they arise if necessary. No sense in possibly off-putting relatives for no good reason. I think I, personally, would take great offense if I received an e-mail of "rules" for being around family. 
Personally, I'm really grateful for Seventeen magazine. It was my primary basis for any kind of sex information. If I had listened to my friends, I'd have ended up in major trouble. If I had listened to my parents, I never would have known anything because their belief was in abstinence until marriage, which is something I didn't(and still don't) agree with. I did get some sex ed in school, and it did cover some birth control information, but it wasn't detailed enough...
New Posts  All Forums: