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Huh. I've made a ton of stuff out of that book and haven't had a problem, and I rarely use a baking stone. 
I do. I just say, "Oh, huh, yea I did that." And when they say for how long I just say, "Still." It doesn't come up often, but from time to time it does. I figure it's helpful for people to realize that they don't see me as a weirdo, so maybe it's not so weird? And people generally love my kids cause they're fun and polite and very verbose. It's quite obvious that extended nursing didn't stunt their development. 
  Yep. It's through his employer, but they're based out of state so his insurance is based out of state as well.     
I have good luck at Banana Republic. I just have to avoid 'teen' type stores, although lately I've found some great things at Buckle, but that's a completely different style from Ann Taylor. 
I'm from the DC area and I know the area around Baltimore pretty well. Unless I had a pretty big budget, I wouldn't want to live in the city. Like you said, one block will be nice, but then the next will be sketchy. While you may be able to get a house that's nice, there's still a lot of the 'runover' issues that are present. 
I've come to a point where I don't care. My OB with my first son, who I have very little good to say about, was at least honest with me and said the skin tears at a lower level, so nothing topical is going to make a difference. Either you're going to get them, or you're not. I already had some thin ones on my thighs and hips from puberty, so I was pretty much doomed from the get-go.    I used to hate them. Mine were/are thick and angry looking. No little lines,...
We'll often do cheaper cuts of meat for company, like chicken thighs. They grill really well. Or some kind of dish that has meat in it, but isn't all meat, like a casserole or curry. We add lots of filler items, like bread/rolls or salad. Things like beef stroganoff work well because you don't have to use a ton of meat and you can go heavy on the pasta. 
I, also, would go with it. My 4 year old goes through cycles with this kind of stuff from time to time. Sometimes he is hugely demanding of touch and attention, other times he's fiercely independent. I usually find it's related to some kind of developmental spurt of growth and we get through it and he's better off for having had his needs met when they presented themselves. 
Same thing here. I look back, and what I did may have been 'wrong,' but relatively speaking it was minor. I was not completely out of control or reckless, I was just doing things my parents didn't agree with. My relationship with my mom has never been the same, and I don't think ever will be.   
Yea, I got the impression from my parents that it was one of those "re-education" type counseling programs. The parents were concerned the love of pink would "make him gay." He WAS always very feminine.... His mannerisms and his speech and everything, and he was completely uninterested in sports which was a family issue because the dad and older sons were gung-ho into baseball and other sports, and this little boy had no interest in any of it. I do know he was playing...
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