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Quote: Originally Posted by someonenamedleah For example, pp said she was too young and dh had cancer so they could not adopt. My dh had cancer and we didn't have any problems, but we would have been excluded from some international programs. What we found out was that it depended on the type of cancer(DH's has a high rate of recurrence) and the amount of time that has passed since treatment(his was only in fall). I don't appreciate the...
I don't. I decided about 5 years ago to avoid the news. It's lovely!
It sounds like a nice idea, but I'd urge against. IME, the problem with all in one seats is they a lot of things, but none of them especially well. If you want to minimize the number of seats you'll need to own, I'd suggest just getting a convertible seat(the MyRide65 is my favorite) and then buy a booster when you're child gets to that point(likely at least 4 years old).
Oh, ok! DH drug me out of bed at 7am this morning. Ugh! DS2 was up already, which wouldn't really be a problem. We let him play around some in the morning while we work to get up. But DH suddenly got it in his head to trim up the boys' mohawks. WHY at 7am on a Sunday I do not know, but nonetheless..... And it's been pretty busy ever since! I've been washing linens and changing sheets, vacuuming, I made a nice breakfast, and so on. Now DH just took his computer to...
I agree that were I in a position to need to use formula, I would make every possible effort to avoid DHA/ARA and also soy.
We've been told we are ineligible to adopt based on DH's past cancer. Prior to that, we were ineligible based on my age(too young).
I haven't been around MDC a whole lot, so I don't know what this is? Is it just a chit-chat thread?
Yes, right up to the bitter end, and then at about a week post-partum.
The only way I could get DS2 to nap at all(aside from me holding him the whole time) was to nurse him on the couch and then roll away from him. He was in the same area of the house as me, but that was ok. I wouldn't do CIO. I think it harms babies.
Quote: Originally Posted by ErinYay I disagree a little with the idea that "it works if all you care about is sleep." There's no way to know if CIO babies are actually getting more sleep, or if they've just given up on trying to get attention when the do wake up. We also have to remember that parents who CIO are often feeling guilty or defensive of their choice, at least at first, so of course will defend it and rationalize it by telling others it...
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